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I feel nauseated and having diarrhea and head aches behind my eyes mostly but some in the back ... Jul, 01, 2017
Anyone have petechiae around ankles and after stopping paxil how long until it cleared? Jan, 23, 2017
How long after i stop taking paxil will it take for my numbness to stop? Oct, 01, 2016
I am on my 2nd month of chantix and am experiencing nervousness. i fell jittery inside and my ... Apr, 23, 2016
I've been on paxil for 20 years and currently at 20mg. it is not working as well anymore so my ... Dec, 25, 2015
Hello, my husband has a severe height issue and has severe anxiety attacks. he cannot look at ... Aug, 02, 2015
Am taking alot of different drugs for cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, depression and ... May, 27, 2015

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