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Is there a lawsuit being filed? why haven't doctors warned their patients of this serious side ... Oct, 06, 2017
Can i take apple cidar vinegar with prednizone and antibiotics?????? Sep, 19, 2017
I'm 57 and had a bad case of shingles 7/4/17 for 3 days before we were to leave for a family ... Sep, 17, 2017
I recently began using prednisone and am having very strange and sometimes frightening dreams. ... Sep, 02, 2017
My vision isn't the best to begin with but it seems like since i got on prednisone and lialda ... Jul, 20, 2017
Has anyone gotten really dizzy from large doses of prednisone? Jun, 20, 2017
What dosage did you start with and how long did you take before tapering down? Feb, 01, 2017
I'm taking 3 steroids a day plus 200mg tegretol a day over a week now i feel upset trouble to ... Jan, 16, 2017
I started these 2 drugs yesterday and i do not feel "right". i have a headache, feel cloudy in ... Aug, 08, 2016
I am experiencing fatigue, muscle cramps, and muscle and joint pain. i have read that others ... Jul, 21, 2016
Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis age 9 in 2007 and was diagnosed with pcos in 2015 at age 17. Jul, 05, 2016
Hi all, i was on prednisone for 7 years treating polymyocitis and getting weaker. new doctor ... May, 27, 2016
As well as sores, my tongue is dry and sore and also the roof of my mouth May, 13, 2016
I've had ra for 26 years. i was on methotrexate for 24 of those years. i've tried xeljanz for a ... Apr, 27, 2016
I am a 60 year old male with copd and had atrial fib until the ablation 3 months ago. ... Apr, 13, 2016
Lower back pain with stress fractures in spine.woke up one morning &could not walk. spent 1month ... Apr, 11, 2016
Hello, i need some help. iam very confused most of the time..am i going to be ok? are my drug ... Apr, 09, 2016
The doctors say my drooping eyelids are not from prednisone. when i went to have my eyes ... Mar, 31, 2016
What hepatic metabolic effects does does either prednisone or dexamethazone have over those of ... Mar, 29, 2016
Has any one take probiotics while on prednisone. what were the results. Feb, 02, 2016
Bilirubin levels gradually started to increase, is it the prednisone or the azathioprine? dr. ... Jan, 30, 2016
I developed ocular myasthenia gravis shortly after using efudex for pre-cancerous lesions on my ... Dec, 31, 2015
I'm 22 and have been on prednisone for just over a year and my testicles have hurt for months is ... Dec, 31, 2015
I was on a month long course of prendisone at a high dosage and have experienced severe nasal ... Nov, 30, 2015
Diagnosed ra 3weeks before. started sazo'methotrexate and prednsolone6. now have fever and ... Oct, 11, 2015
I have polymyalgia rheumatica and have been on prednisone for 9 months. my daily dosage has ... Sep, 11, 2015
Is there anyone out there with a similar experience. Aug, 27, 2015
Does predisone make your bones weak and hurt all the time,,i am taking it with ... Aug, 04, 2015
Any treatments that work better than methotrexate for psoriatic arthritis but can be used with ... Jul, 08, 2015
Taking methotrexate but rarely have indigestion wondered if ok to take gaviscon or ... Jun, 02, 2015
I'm an endurance athlete. got hike by a car on my bicycle 30 months ago and have a neck/nerve ... Apr, 26, 2015
Bloating and pain when finger pressure applied to left middle quadrant Mar, 22, 2015
Treatment 3 days iv solumedrol 30 days prednisone (60 mg per day) 30 days cytoxan ... Feb, 23, 2015
Has anyone had seizure problems combing lamictal and preisnone Feb, 23, 2015

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