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Hello, i am on day 11 of an increased dose of sertraline 200mg. i'm sleeping well, my appetite ... Apr, 30, 2016
I developed these symptomes from last day. i had also chills but er didnt do anything after ... Feb, 29, 2016
Doctor wants me to take 2 gabapentin with 1 nortriptyline at night and 1 gabapentin in the ... Jan, 26, 2016
I am 12 years post total hysterectomy. i used essential oils to help balance my hormones prior ... Dec, 09, 2015
Been on epivir 2 weeks now. can't stay awake. will this get better? Nov, 24, 2015
Person moved to care home lethargic, sleeping all day, poor comprehension, poor fluid intake, ... Nov, 13, 2015
Is there anyway to prevent this? suffering bad by 1pm and i don't really want to increase my ... Oct, 01, 2015

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