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Does anyone with amnosia also have insomnia? do you know reason? Sep, 23, 2017
Hi everyone~ i need help with nightmares and night terrors and sleep paralysis... i've had all ... May, 11, 2017
I want to get off of elavil, i have been taking it 100mg every night for sleep for over 10 ... Feb, 24, 2017
I was diagnosedwith the ankylosing spondylitis gene ( forget the code ) at age 41 and had alot ... Oct, 16, 2016
Aggravated muscle weakness that keeps me up at night, could be the drugs. insomnia, anxiety in ... Jul, 10, 2016
I also take cymbalta, prestiq, soma, norco, prolia May, 19, 2016
I've been on 20 mg parnate daily for depression for about 1 year. it's very difficult to get to ... Apr, 27, 2016
I have been taking sertraline tablets 100mg for years with good result. i recently obtained ... Mar, 20, 2016
I am only on pravastin for 5 days now. i can't sleep. i am crazy tired. i have a wicked headache ... Feb, 17, 2016
Dizziness, tired, bad thoughts, tired, can't sleep more than a few hours. Dec, 31, 2015
Hi! i have been on seroquel for several years. i am now taking 75 mg. daily (37.5 mg. in a.m. ... Nov, 24, 2015
A zolledronic infusion has been recommended by my doctor. i am currently taking the above ... Nov, 02, 2015
Zopiclone vs temazepam comments about use and effectiveness? Oct, 08, 2015
Does taking tylenol help with the muscle cramps caused by west nile virus? Sep, 29, 2015
I am currently looking at treatment of parkinsons with cannabis oil as msa has similar ... Sep, 25, 2015
Suffered severe insomnia after radiation and chemo therapy for tonsil cancer. is there any ... Sep, 07, 2015
I have parkinson's and am on azilect, mirapex and sinemet. i want to get off of mirapex because ... Sep, 04, 2015
Rapid heart rate 132- i am feeling stressed and two grand children(13 & 10)came to live with me ... Sep, 02, 2015
Is it common to have insomnia when you have hypoparathyroidism? does anyone think that raising ... Aug, 29, 2015
Need to know if i can take remeron with probioslim??? very important before i start taking the ... Aug, 26, 2015
Anyone else have similar reaction with the mind? Aug, 19, 2015
I just added the black cohosh to the above regimen 2 weeks ago. i'm afraid i will gain wieght. ... Aug, 05, 2015
I have been taking nexium for 7 years and stopped cold turkey. i have trouble sleeping and ... Aug, 02, 2015
Okay, i have tonsillitis and have been on antibiotic "amoxicillin" everytime i try to put a bite ... Jul, 17, 2015
Have been taking low-dose ativan (lorazepam) for over a decade. my counselor has just ... May, 25, 2015
I stopped taking azithromycin because i developed some bad side effects such as, high anxiety, ... Apr, 20, 2015
We live in brazil do not know what the medication prolopa is in the united states, it ... Mar, 10, 2015

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