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Hi, i was just wondering if taking cisplatin and zyrtec together would cause tumor marker ... Sep, 18, 2017
Dystonia on the right hand, could this be linked? i am taking xyzal on a daily basis, is ... Oct, 13, 2016
Allopathic treatment- vitiligo spots increased after getting allopathic ... Jul, 18, 2016
Hi.need help..had two kids back to back..had some numbness at that time..doctors said probably ... May, 03, 2016
I have controlled high blood pressure, two stents in one artery, controlled asthma, about 20 ... Mar, 08, 2016
Does anyone take zyrtec and have subconjunctival hemmorages? Feb, 17, 2016
I had a stroke (brain bleed) 12 1/2 yrs ago, and just had a craniotomy and removal of an ... Oct, 24, 2015
Lost pigment over upper back from neck to midway to waist - wider at shoulders, tapers in a "v" ... Jul, 31, 2015
My son was diagnosed with angioadema when he was younger he also has pectus excavatum and is ... Feb, 23, 2015

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