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Does anyone know how long the effects of finasteride stay in a person's body? i've been taking ... Jan, 31, 2017
I had masturbating. my sonography of kub and pelvis was normal i have a (40 × 38mm) septated ... Sep, 02, 2016
Now that cialis is used for bph and lowers blood pressure, can the cialis 5 mg tab replace the ... Aug, 02, 2016
Feelings in right kidney may be suggestive of nephritis interstitial after long time use of ... Jul, 13, 2016
I took propecia (finasteride) 1 mg for 4 months in a row , and now i have hypertrichosis!. i'm ... Apr, 17, 2016
Propecia (finasteride) and hypertrichosis i took propecia (finasteride) 1 mg for 4 months in ... Apr, 12, 2016
After about eight weeks taking finasteride i noticed some wheezing going to sleep. the wheezing ... Dec, 28, 2015
Seems as if my ejaculations are less intense and absent of semen or very little. Jul, 12, 2015
I always just feel completely rotten from all my body pain & even .45mg morphine daily does not ... Jul, 09, 2015
I have many uti/bladder infections while taking finasteride. 5mg. i am female, 75, and have ... Jun, 19, 2015

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