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I have been taking indapamide for less than a week and have had to stop as o have had a very bad ... Sep, 24, 2017
I forgot to add to my post that i believe my weight loss of 20 lbs over the last 5 years is from ... May, 06, 2017
It happened about a month ago. i hv symptoms like low blood pressure, fatigue,loss of appetite, ... Mar, 25, 2017
Will it stop? i've lowered the dose from 100mgs to 50 most. Mar, 06, 2017
I am 27 and have been on bactrim for about 7 weeks due to a staph infection after a felon in my ... Dec, 29, 2016
The list of conditions and medications is not complete. i feel my immune system is very ... Sep, 02, 2016
Copd recent diagnosis, sleep apnea - diagnosed about 8 yrs ago- use cpap nightly, nasal ... Jun, 29, 2016
What hepatic metabolic effects does does either prednisone or dexamethazone have over those of ... Mar, 29, 2016
Has any one had anxiety? Aug, 25, 2015
Lovely to use cayenne pepper on everything. just started to take phentermine 37.5 few days ago. ... Aug, 15, 2015
I just added the black cohosh to the above regimen 2 weeks ago. i'm afraid i will gain wieght. ... Aug, 05, 2015
I have lost 30 lbs, would like to lose 30 more, since i have been on crestor 5mg, 9 months. is ... May, 17, 2015

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