Hello my name is Kristin. I have schizophrenia and was diagnosed at age 26 after having my oldest son, I am now 38. I am a really caring person, and really understand first hand this illness. I would be an advocate for you, helping with any issues you may have. I am proof there really is life and a good one after your diagnosis. I will go above and beyond to see you get the best care and advice possible! I will help you start small to reach your goals. Great things are going to happen just believe this, and there is always hope. I never gave up and will show you how to live a life of meaning and integrity. Mental illness doesn't define who we are. You can overcome anything with courage and strength! Thanks for considering me, I wont let you down. It can only go up from here on out!

Drugs: Saphris

Conditions: Schizophrenia

Monthly rate: $10.00

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