I beat double cancer (Colon and Bladder) after excelent Surgeries, though I refused the follow-up offer of Chemo and Radiation Treatments. That was seven years previous. Today I'm Healthy and Strong.

I eat fresh, healthy, delicious foods and do normal exercise a few times each week. Some Meditation, Yoga, Berpees, healthy walks and swim a few lengths of Breast Stroke.
(Breast Strokes keep one's spine, stomach, buttox, legs, arms and neck, strong and beautiful). Excellent for people with Desk Jobs. I avoid heavy exercises.
(I studied and later Taught Hatha Yoga with Guru Yogi Vipin Hari Bhatt).

I also avoid Prescription or over the counter drugs for stomach Acidity. I use Natural Fresh Food Nutrition to quickly balance the acids and acid reflux when it occurs.

I am a mature, active, savant man of 71 years. Mostly vegetarian, though I do enjoy healthy meat periodically to get my minerals and enjoy meals with my friends. Bad form to refuse a friend's hospitality.
And of course you should consult your Doctor along with my positive suggestions, to Live at Your Best.

Drugs: None

Conditions: Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Nightmares

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