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Drugs: Linzess, Probiotics

Conditions: None

I take linzess and probiotics on a daily basis. I am a cancer survivor of appendix cancer attached to my ovary with mucous since 1989. I have hypertension which is controlled and have been a borderline diabetic since I was 12 years old. My father had cancer of the colon in 1976 there about's, he was diagnosed with carcinoids of the liver at that time there was not treatment; the doctors told his it was slow growing. Approximately 9 years ago there was some activity and he began treatment of receiving a shot in each buttocks with 60 mg of Sandostatin and continues to receive monthly shots and he is now 91 years old. He has macular degeneration. I have a brother who has had thyroid cancer two times in the last 10 or so years. I had a sister who passed away from hodgekins non lymphoma over 30 years ago. My mom whom passed 1/13/2017 of pancreatic duoduem cancer after being diagnosed 6 months prior. I have a daughter who the doctors say has IBS, crohn's. If nothing else, it makes for interesting reading.

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