As a person who has been prescribed multiple medications for several health concerns I can most definitely give you the inside of my reactions, progress, and final result for each treatment plan I’ve had. As a person who’s gone through these treatments personally to find a cure for my health concerns it has given me the knowledge and experience of some of these day-to-day battles. These have been happening for almost my whole life and I’m willing to help you reach your answers on whatever questions you may have concerning the medications I take or have taken and the end result of the treatment plan. If it has proven successful or not as well as the experience during. My biggest battles so far have been my acne and depression. I’m currently undergoing treatment for both and as you follow my experience hopefully it can answer some of your questions and guide you on the right path to choosing the right treatment plan with your doctor.

Drugs: Lexapro, Zoloft, Estrostep fe, Prozac, Multivitamin, Biotin, Primrose oil, Doxycycline

Conditions: Acne, Depression, Constipation, Fatigue

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