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Drugs: Melatonin, Subutex

Conditions: None

I am was going through a severe depression as a result of years and years of very hard life. Against all odds, it got better and I want to help others trough their own hell, if I can. 20 years ago I was an addict but I managed to leave that behind me. At the time I was living in a country thorn up by war so PTSD can also be added to my rather long Diagnosis-list :) At this point I do not feel comfortable with disclosing more than I did so far but I can say that I have experience and that I might help others battle their own demons, I feel that the right support is 50% of recovery and is something not everyone is lucky to receive. 20-30 years ago I would never agree on that fact that the psychic can affect our bodies to the extent of being seriously ill, change our bodies. It is never real until it becomes real, until it happens to you. Today I know better. And I am a living example of being able, in spite of everything, of getting out of it. Greetings to all, Sanya

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