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Drugs: Evening primrose oil, Prograf, Cellcept

Conditions: Contact dermatitis, Lupus nephritis, Migraine

Having been diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) over 20 years ago, I have had a variety of experiences that can help others that, like me, are dealing with the physical, mental, and emotional affects of this condition. Over these two decades I have - and continue to - experienced various symptoms, hospitals, new diagnoses, and doctors. I have also developed in my assertiveness when speaking up for my concerns, desires, knowledge and treatment. I have also developed in my FAITH and commitment to learning more about the way my body was designed and how I can best help it to operate accordingly. I make it my business to study holistic/natural ways to heal my body, which includes an ease of symptoms, and often a change in lifestyle or at least introspection. I’m open to offering assistance to anyone that feels they could use my support or knowledge with the things I’ve experienced, researched and/or tried.

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