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Drugs: Vitamins, Vitamin a, Vitamin c, Vitamin e, Vitamin d, Magnesium, Alpha - lipoic acid, Coenzyme q - 10

Conditions: Rosacea, Teenagers and acne medicine, Comedones, Acne, Acne pustular, Muscle rigidity, Muscle spasms, Muscle sprain

I am Chemist Scientist. I had acne in my 20s, treatment with anti-biotic lead to many health problems. I became passionate about holistic health and functional nutrition to heal me and help young people avoid the mistake I did. I love to empower people with knowledge to take care of yourself and your family. I request one thing: Love, respect, and belief in yourself. I provide A nutritional education program that covers the following topics. Instruction into how diet affects skin and health Learn about the human microbiome, it’s importance to your health and how to avoid damaging it. Learn about the crucial role that stomach acid plays in your health and skincare Learn how to make fermented foods and how important they are to your health and having beautiful skin Learn my special recipe for Bone Broth with specific herbs for nourishment and healing Learn the science behind herbs and how to make herbal oils for healing purposes For Vegetarians and Vegans, I will teach you how to have completely balanced nutrition from a solely plant-based diet. This program will always be based on the latest research, so you are guaranteed to receive the most current information.

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