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Drugs: Allopurinol, Primidone, Toprol-xl, Coumadin, Omeprazole, Potassium chloride 20meq in plastic container, Maxide, Colestid, Klonopin, Nitroglycerin

Conditions: Chronic back pain, Stent insertion, Gait disturbance, Balance disorder, Chronic cough, Fall

Registered Nurse since 1974. Speciality areas I’m my career & as a caregiver. Longterm Care Supervisor in geriatric setting, ICU, CCU, Cardiac Nurse Educator( last 3 positions in a teaching hospital). Licensed Trauma Nurse Specialist for 4 years and caregiver of spouse with heart disease, GERD, hypertension, peripheral neuropathy, multiple Myeloma, sleep apnea, atrial fibrillation, sick sinus syndrome(pacemaker), unsteady gait & balance issues & major Depression.

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