Bee their done that and got many tee shirts!

I was once a wild child but carryed it on way in to adult hood

My main problem was undiagnosed GAD/ depression (my fault for not going to see a doctor) 6 years old My dog got ran over my grandad blamed me for not closing the gate, then my grandad died then both my aunties died I masked everything with MJ and alcohol and weekend recreational user of E. As I grew older lots of things happened to me and I went through what seemed at the time non stop bereavement, my nana died she was old bless her ,my girlfriend and best friend killed herself, my friend died in car crash and my favourite uncle died from cancer my mom turned to drink then I did not give a dam about life and stared to binge drink and get high and nearly killed myself !

Experience has thought me a lot about life and it’s very precious! Don’t cut your life short because we are all going to die at some point in our lives.
My point is every action you take has consequences to the people that love you, once you sober up you realise the pain and distress you have or are causing. Depression is messed up and anxiety is horrid but their is always help!
(Grammar bad due to dyslexia) oh yeah forgot to mention kids at school are not kind (:

Drugs: Effexor xr, Effexor, Elavil, Alcohol, Cannabis, Amiloride hydrochloride, Dyanavel xr

Conditions: Depression, Gad, Alcoholism, Nicotine addiction, Addiction, Psychosis, Childhood bereavement, Bereavement, Grieving

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