After having a normal tooth removal at the dentist, she pulled the v3 branch nerve out with the tooth and with it left the bone underneath exposed for three weeks and obviously my feeling nerve permanently damaged. I now have chronic osteomyelitis and myoclonic jerks as well as osteoarthritis which meant I ended up in a wheelchair as it’s spread to my spine, so I’ve learnt a fair bit! I’m currently in a fight with the DWP as they claim I’m not disabled enough. So if you need help with advice, medication or general chit chat I’m your girl. At 30, I’m pretty young too. So can hopefully offer something to help you. 😊. These days I use crutches to get around as I refuse to let it defeat me. It may have taken my job, and a huge chunk of my life. But it won’t beat me. I will kick bone marrows butt. Just as all of you shall with your own issues. The idea is to just never give up as my husband and daughter need me xx

Drugs: Lyrica, Topiramate, Paroxetine, Tramadol, Paracetamol, Codeine

Conditions: Osteomyelitis chronic, Myoclonic jerks, Coccyx injury, Pilonidal cyst

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