I have been diagnosed with Auto-immune Hepatitis when I was about 12 years old. I have been living with this condition up until now. It has been about 21 years that I have had this condition. I have been of these drugs up until now, and I have learnt how to adapt my lifestyle since I have been diagnosed. There are different stages of this condition and depending on this would determine if one can recover from it or if one would be on medication for the rest of your life. I also believe that ones attitude to the condition as well as your attitude to life can either make this an easy or a hard journey in life.

Being only 12 years old, and the discovery of this condition was not easy for me to begin with. Being a child and not knowing why all these symptoms are occurring can be quite hard. I do think that even for an adult it could be a hard pill to swallow at first. Either way it's not easy to accept and adapt to this condition and even so the medication involved when trying to lead a normal life. I would like to be your care guide if this condition has caught you off guard and I would like to be your support for things that you may encounter along your journey with this condition. I am not a doctor and don't feel it right to give you any medical advise, but I would like to give you moral support and if you are experiencing any side effects hopefully I can share my story with you. Hoping to make you realise that it could normal to have some of these symptoms. I would also like to inspire you about how to live your life more or less the way you want before this condition came knocking on your door.

Drugs: Prednisone, Imuran

Conditions: None

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