I have tried many medications such as Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin (makes me feel super sad), Topomax, and Zoloft. All didn’t work for depression, sadness, anxiety, and eating disorder.

My Vyvanse helps TREMENDOUSLY with the binge eating. It also helps with the feeling of self worth. It normally takes about2 hours to kick in and lasts about 8 hours full force. After that, I crash. It’s like the windows are down in the car on a hot day and you have a perfectly working air conditioning system, but you don’t use it and it’s 200* outside.

To combat the drop/crash, I take adderall about 4pm . I don’t loose focus, I don’t eat everything in sight, and I know that I only have 5 more hours of focus . I get very agitated if I am interrupted at this time, but house work gets done, and my water intake increases so I reach my hydration goals.

I take Trileptal to stop the mind racing at night. It actually works for me in other ways as well. I don’t feel the anxiety, I don’t sweat when I’m nervous, I’m no longer sad, and I can handle social situations a lot better. I don’t like the loss of words. I’m an academic and speaking and cognition is extremely important to my job. This is why I take the pills the way I do.

I’ll explain: About 21:00 I take my first dose of Trileptal. When I first started on it, I had severe crying spells. It only happens after I take it. After 60 days taking it, the crying doesn’t happen as often, but I still get the crying spells. It also makes me EXTREMELY hungry about an hour after taking it. I found however; DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EAT the way it makes you feel at that time because if you over eat or eat something you aren’t craving you will be very very sick. As odd as it seems , I LOVE this aspect of Trileptal. It’s like a little reminder to not eat so much only enough to calm the hunger. So now, I usually drink a protein shake or warm buttery cinnamon toast. I then get tired about 12:00 go to sleep and DONT DREAM. The slow down of my brain and all the thoughts shut completely down! It’s like a sunset. Then around 04:00 I get up and potty and take my second dose of Trileptal. By 0:600 I’m up again take my Vyvanse and lay back down to sleep so I can wake up naturally. It’s a little trick that I discovered because the Vyvanse wakes you up no matter what. I love this because I hate alarm clocks. They make me nervous just like Captain Hook. Yes, I’m serious.

Drugs: Adderall 10, Vyvanse, Trileptal

Conditions: Crying, Euphoric mood, Tired eyes, Trouble concentrating, Anger, Hunger

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