Care Guides about Menopause

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Veekare: Helping others learn to change their habits for better and pay attention and study their own health is what I have done all my life. I have worked as a kinesio therapist and have raised 4 beautiful... $50.00
Liz to the rescue!: I am a caring, compassionate person who has been on Losartan for 6 years. I have dealt with many issues regarding this drug. I am very good at communicating and helping others deal with their side... $25.00
Dreamweaver66: I have spent the last 38 years on prescriptions. I do know what minor body health issues can cause which medications not to work or to work very well. I have never had a doctor irresponsibly... $20.00
Nurse amy t: I have been a nurse for 30+ years and have also experienced health issues myself. I am a firm believer that lifestyle changes and supplements can make a difference in some situations. Also that... $5.00