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We have millions of unique support groups on our FREE Ginger Health mobile app.
Connecting with people like you has never been easier.

Why use Ginger Health mobile app:

  • MULTIPLE MEDICATIONS & CONDITIONS: search and join one or multiple groups in one step, then manage all the groups in one place, ideally for people taking multiple medications or having multiple conditions.
  • FOCUSED: each support group is for only one drug side effect, symptom, drug or condition.
  • UNLIMITED: you can join as many groups as you want.
  • FREE & ANONYMOUS: no personal health information is needed.
  • SECURE: transmission and data storage are encrypted by the same standards used by banks.
  • REAL-TIME GROUP CHAT: enjoy group chats so you can easily stay in touch with people like you.
  • REAL-TIME 1-1 PRIVATE CHAT: you can start private conversations with individual users like you.
  • NO RISK: groups or 1-1 chats can be quit anytime
  • MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: send photo, and text messages.
  • OFFLINE MESSAGES: even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, Ginger Health will save your recent messages until the next time you use the app.
  • AND MUCH MORE: custom notifications, always logged in.

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