Diflucan and Xermelo interactions starting with "D" - page 12

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Douglas' pouch mass
Dowling-degos disease
Doxepin poisoning
Drainage from the ear
Dream anxiety disorder
Dreams - bad
Dreamy state
Dressler's syndrome
Driving ability disturbed
Drooping eyelids
Drop attacks
Drowning - near
Drowsiness, hypersomnia, sleepiness - during the day, somnolence
Drug abuse
Drug abuse and dependence
Drug abuser
Drug addiction
Drug administration error
Drug allergies
Drug chemical incompatibility
Drug clearance decreased
Drug clearance increased
Drug dependence
Drug detoxification
Drug diversion
Drug effect decreased
Drug effect delayed
Drug effect increased
Drug effect prolonged
Drug-eluting stents
Drug eruption
Drug exposure before pregnancy
Drug exposure during pregnancy
Drug half-life increased
Drug half-life reduced
Drug hypersensitivity
Drug implantation
Drug implant rejection
Drug-induced adrenal insufficiency
Drug-induced cholestasis
Drug-induced diarrhea
Drug-induced erectile dysfunction
Drug-induced hepatitis
Drug-induced hypertension
Drug-induced hypoglycemia
Drug-induced hypothyroidism
Drug-induced immune hemolytic anemia

Browse Diflucan and Xermelodrug interactions alphabetically: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

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