Nexplanon and Taja interactions starting with "S" - page 13

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Skin mass
Skin necrosis
Skin neoplasm bleeding
Skin neoplasm malignant
Skin nodule
Skin odor abnormal
Skin odour abnormal
Skin oedema
Skin - oily
Skin pale or gray
Skin papilloma
Skin pigment
Skin plaque
Skin rash
Skin reaction
Skin redness or inflammation
Skin sensitisation
Skin spots - aging
Skin spots - red
Skin striae
Skin swelling
Skin tags
Skin tenderness
Skin test positive
Skin tests - allergy
Skin tightness
Skin toxicity
Skin turgor
Skin turgor decreased
Skin ulcer
Skin ulcer haemorrhage
Skin warm
Skin wound
Skin wrinkling
Skin - yellow
Skull fracture
Skull fractured base
Skull x-ray abnormal
Slapped cheek
Sle arthritis
Sleep aid
Sleep apnea
Sleep apnea - central
Sleep apnea syndrome
Sleep apnoea syndrome
Sleep attacks
Sleep disorder
Sleep disorder due to a general medical condition
Sleep disorder due to general medical condition, hypersomnia type

Browse Nexplanon and Tajadrug interactions alphabetically: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

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