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My name is Tammy n just started taking carvedilol... 2018-07-14 09:24 AM
I am a breast cancer stage -3 survivor. I am... 2018-07-04 06:51 AM
Hi! I started taking Keflex 5 days ago with two... 2018-06-24 03:42 PM
Hi Suffered with abdominal bloating for 6 years... 2018-06-17 03:58 PM
Taking trulicity and feeling bloated 2018-06-11 09:12 PM
Problem with bloating since starting crestor 2018-06-06 09:11 AM
Ever since my first infusion of Stelara, I am... 2018-05-29 08:29 PM (updated)
Hi Group - if one exists that has these... 2018-05-24 05:29 PM (updated)
New member. Any help for abdominal bloating... 2018-05-21 01:18 PM
I have been on Eliquis about 4 mos for a-fib. The... 2018-05-09 09:18 PM
Hello. I've been on Imuran for 4 months and some... 2018-05-02 09:36 PM
Extreme tightness and bloating on the forth day 2018-05-02 07:08 PM
Hello everyone! I have been experiencing... 2018-04-04 01:52 PM
Hi Group! I hope that someone can help me with... 2018-04-04 01:37 PM
Just started Enbrel - first injection was this... 2018-03-04 07:59 PM
I’ve been taking lyrics for about a year. I have... 2018-02-07 08:06 PM
Does anyone experience bloating in the morning... 2018-02-04 11:59 AM
Hi; I have been on cymbalta for 2 years and... 2018-01-30 10:47 AM
Hi I’ve been put on Eliquis for A/F . Only after... 2018-01-29 10:10 AM
I am having terrible belly bloat---very recent. ... 2017-12-30 02:32 PM
I recently started taking pioglitazone 30 mg with... 2017-12-23 08:22 PM
Just wondering if my bloating could be due to... 2017-10-03 01:38 PM
Hi I am wondering if any of you have been on... 2017-09-14 01:17 PM
Just want to say Hi to you all, I'm Sheila and I... 2017-09-13 04:31 PM
Just want to say Hi to you all, I'm Sheila and I... 2017-09-13 04:30 PM
i have been on the maximum (300mg) of... 2017-08-18 08:49 PM
I get really bad bloating and pain from it I... 2017-08-02 02:43 AM
There would be treatments that can help. What... 2017-07-24 11:40 PM
I have abdominal swelling I was just wondering... 2017-07-20 06:12 AM
I am tapering off of Clonazepam and have been... 2017-06-03 08:07 PM
I have been taking Plant Sterol Esters almost a... 2017-05-24 06:30 PM
Drank cup of moringa tea,have been bloated with... 2017-05-23 07:24 PM
Gained at least 20 pounds in the 3 years I've... 2017-05-17 08:29 AM
I have an abdominal hernia which did not worry me... 2017-04-21 03:24 PM
My face is bloated, has anyone else noticed this? 2017-03-26 08:09 AM
Having great deal of bloating and I am thinking... 2017-02-23 11:29 PM
I have been on Lyrica for more than three years... 2017-02-20 11:44 AM
Does anyone else experience painful bloating and... 2017-02-19 09:50 PM
Is there anything I can do to reduce the bloating... 2017-01-26 07:31 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions to ease the... 2016-12-09 10:46 AM
On 4mg glimepiride with myrbetriq all the sudden... 2016-10-06 09:08 PM
Hi! I am going absolutely crazy because I have... 2016-09-13 10:46 AM
Hi I'm Ginger and I have begun to take Zetia and... 2016-08-30 08:22 AM
Wondering why it happens. I thought... 2016-08-20 11:53 PM
What do you do about it. 2016-08-20 08:11 AM
Hi I'm Cecilia. Is anything to take to avoid this... 2016-08-15 10:57 PM
I had my polyps removed and they found... 2016-08-09 01:41 PM
How long does bloating last while taking... 2016-07-07 01:23 PM
Hi, I have a question.. I have bee taking xarelto... 2016-07-06 09:30 AM
I have scoliosis and stomach bloating to the... 2016-06-23 09:24 AM
I constant have bloating 2016-06-22 07:56 PM
Hi, My name is Janet and about 1 month ago I had... 2016-05-18 05:39 PM
Hello, I was diganosed last June with IDC triple... 2016-05-03 01:42 PM
I have been 3 days on Escitalopram 5mg and I am... 2016-05-02 05:49 PM
Hoi I am 43 yrs old. Had 3 successful... 2016-04-25 11:25 PM
Does anyone know which foods might decrease... 2016-04-01 06:48 PM
Have had stomach bloating and wondering if the... 2016-03-15 05:51 AM
I received a shot of cortisone in my shoulder for... 2016-03-06 10:53 AM
Hi, I am new to the group. I take Lorazepam 1 mg.... 2016-02-24 01:43 PM
Hi. I'm Joanne. 40 yrs old. I've been taking... 2016-02-21 09:59 PM
My name is Sheila I have scoliosis with bloating... 2016-02-15 06:37 AM
I have been on Humira almost 2 years for UC it... 2016-02-13 01:42 PM
I have severe abdominal bloating and it's only... 2016-01-26 12:43 PM
Hello all. I am submitting this for my... 2016-01-21 01:26 PM
Hi. My name is Vince and I have been taking... 2015-12-25 09:16 PM
I am newly diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. ... 2015-12-09 10:16 AM
My name is will from perth australia I have... 2015-12-05 05:50 PM
Hi after taking medication I am swollen and... 2015-12-04 12:45 PM
I have stomach distention and bloating from all... 2015-12-01 07:40 PM
Hi I'm taking Co codamol for my back pain and... 2015-11-26 05:01 PM
Recently diagnosed with Sjogrens disease in May,... 2015-11-02 11:07 AM
I have been on Arimidex for 6 weeks and after 30... 2015-10-24 09:54 AM
Hello, Ive been on tikiosyn for about four weeks... 2015-10-15 08:31 AM
I am taking Gardenia along with Forskolin. They... 2015-10-06 02:47 AM
Hi, my name is Beth and I have severe sciatica... 2015-09-20 08:36 PM
I have mild cramps and feel bloated pretty much... 2015-09-01 05:51 PM
Hello everyone. My name is Melissa. I have been... 2015-08-27 10:24 AM
Hi group. I am a 60 year old male in deep need... 2015-08-03 04:49 PM
I took 75 mg Zantac, upset stomach improves for... 2015-07-23 06:57 AM
I've been on methadone over 5yrs come this August... 2015-07-14 03:54 PM
hello everyone 2015-07-13 06:38 AM
Hello, I am on Enbrel and experiencing abdominal... 2015-06-20 07:58 PM
I get gas and bloating feeling and wake up in the... 2015-06-05 01:34 PM
Taking 10 and get bloating like i have to burp... 2015-05-16 07:34 PM
Severe mental side effects when taking this drug,... 2015-05-12 08:39 AM
I'm going into my second month of Micronor and so... 2015-04-12 03:21 AM
I have been taking 75mg Aspirin and Simvastatin... 2015-04-09 07:58 AM
I have been a vegetarian for a year. My diet is... 2015-03-06 12:53 PM
I am jim I have emphysema and gas type feeling in... 2015-02-24 04:13 PM
Im 52 with a recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia and... 2015-02-23 11:56 AM

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