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Having times of fading out occasionally, think... 2018-07-31 11:51 PM
Hi everyone, I was wondering if taking chamomile... 2018-07-26 02:39 PM
Hi I'm Matt Bell Tuesday night I had a pain in my... 2018-07-25 11:29 PM
I have been on the benzodiazepine for 16 years I... 2018-07-23 09:22 PM
Hi, I’ve already shared this info... 2018-07-12 04:49 PM
Hello, my name is Michelle. My mum (68 yrs old)... 2018-07-12 11:09 AM
Does anyone have bagsunder their eyes from taking... 2018-07-03 02:41 PM
BOBO here can't sleep. 2018-06-11 04:11 PM
I have been taking Diazepam for around 40 years... 2018-06-10 11:30 AM (updated)
I’m 68 male. Does this effect ever go away? 2018-06-06 06:24 AM
Hi, I’ve been pulling since I 7 and my dad past... 2018-06-04 06:42 PM
Hi. New to this site. Have got to find a way... 2018-06-03 07:28 PM
Need help, and i hope this group can give me some... 2018-06-02 11:39 PM
I take valium but still having anxiety attacks... 2018-05-28 09:11 AM
I just started Contrave 2 weeks ago. I have been... 2018-05-25 07:41 AM
I had a routine cyst removed from my scrotal... 2018-05-20 11:43 AM
I am trying to withdraw from Diazepam. My... 2018-05-20 08:02 AM
I've been taking milk thistle and valium on and... 2018-05-12 03:15 AM
I find valium and tramadol helpful for Restless... 2018-05-11 10:14 PM
My husband has Lew y Body and numerous drugs have... 2018-05-11 10:08 PM
Please help im on anxiety medication and doctor... 2018-05-10 01:46 AM
Heavy sleep 2018-05-03 06:31 PM
how do you deal with dry mouth 2018-03-20 12:14 PM
does anyone take apixaban and diazepam 5mg 2018-03-03 07:19 AM
Hi anyone else have faints from taking valium 2018-02-09 04:01 AM
I have taken valium to help with insomnia for 6... 2018-02-03 02:29 PM
Valium and Unisom - wondering how much is ok and... 2018-01-13 04:22 PM
I had to come off clonazapam after taking for 4... 2017-12-16 08:10 AM
Curious about coping skills. 2017-12-02 12:41 PM
I was prescribed 10.5 mg of diazepam three times... 2017-12-01 05:52 PM
I am on this prescription Clarithromycin 500mg ,... 2017-11-18 08:45 AM
I am on this prescription Clarithromycin 500mg ,... 2017-11-18 08:42 AM
I am on this prescription Clarithromycin 500mg ,... 2017-11-18 08:41 AM
I take one 5g diazepam nightly and I have... 2017-11-15 01:58 AM
Can I take valium while on my votrient? 2017-11-11 01:33 PM
Had AFIB on a continual basis for about 8 months.... 2017-11-10 02:13 PM
I was wondering if anyone has had any problems... 2017-11-07 04:28 PM
I m a pharmacist 2017-11-04 01:38 AM
40 years on Valium - macular degeneration... 2017-10-28 11:11 AM
40 years on Valium - macular degeneration... 2017-10-28 11:10 AM
Lots of questions about Elquis. 2017-10-28 07:10 AM
Hi, I'm new here, please to meet you. I was... 2017-10-26 04:32 PM
hav been on 2mg a day for 2 tears after a... 2017-10-26 03:25 PM
I had trouble walking, my right and my left... 2017-10-05 07:57 AM
I take 1 valium daily and had two really bad... 2017-09-09 05:17 AM
Hello, nice to meet you all. I am a polio... 2017-07-28 10:02 PM
Pleased to meet my fella sufferers. 2017-07-22 12:56 AM
please help me 2017-07-20 01:48 PM
Hello everyone. My name is a Patty and I am 65... 2017-07-19 11:03 PM
Hello everyone. My name is a Patty and I am 65... 2017-07-19 11:03 PM
I only take 2mg at night. I'm not sure if this is... 2017-07-19 08:29 PM
Hi, im taking diazepam for my lyme symptons. And... 2017-07-16 05:15 AM
Hello I just joined--Have taken valium 30... 2017-06-24 02:56 PM
Does this help 2017-06-24 05:21 AM
I had an ablation which, according to rhe... 2017-06-14 07:11 PM
Every time I take Diazepam I itch from my scalp... 2017-06-11 12:07 PM
I am tapering off Valium, now on 4 mgs once... 2017-06-10 09:37 AM
Hello I was having severe panic attacks about six... 2017-05-31 10:50 PM
You should not be taking turmeric whil on Valium.... 2017-05-23 07:17 PM
You should not be taking turmeric whil on Valium.... 2017-05-23 07:17 PM
You should not be taking turmeric whil on Valium.... 2017-05-23 07:17 PM
I'm tapering Valium ( or trying to) , and just... 2017-05-22 01:02 PM
I'm tapering Valium ( or trying to) , and just... 2017-05-22 01:01 PM
Rx called "REQUIP" (but of course has the usual... 2017-05-20 04:34 PM
I have come off seroquel 150g mostly as the... 2017-05-16 11:46 AM
I'm on 10mg diazepam (2 x 5mg) daily. I have... 2017-05-15 05:24 AM
I'm on 10mg diazepam (2 x 5mg) daily. I have... 2017-05-15 05:10 AM
Does anyone in the group have long qt? 2017-05-08 02:43 AM
I am 55 and post menopausal. I started taking... 2017-04-27 01:59 PM
I am 55 and post menopausal. I started taking... 2017-04-27 01:58 PM
I've been prescribed the Ashton Manual for... 2017-04-19 12:57 PM
Hi my name is michael. 2 months ago. I had an... 2017-04-11 08:16 PM
side effects of the diazepam and Duloxetine and... 2017-04-08 09:20 AM
I am interested in reaction to taking the Valium... 2017-03-24 11:51 AM
Idk why I'm gaining weight this fast as I never... 2017-02-15 09:45 PM
Just recently put on Valium as a muscle relaxer.... 2017-02-15 02:35 PM
Hi, I take valium and have closed angle.... 2017-02-15 01:38 PM
I have had a pacemaker for eight years but for... 2017-02-07 07:29 AM
I have had a diagnosis of CFS about 10 years ago.... 2017-02-04 07:27 PM
Hello - Wanted to say hello and am interested to... 2016-12-29 04:57 PM
Can you take korean ginseng with the ocassional... 2016-12-15 07:16 PM
Can you take korean ginseng with the ocassional... 2016-12-15 07:16 PM
Hi, I take benedryl with valniw because I have a... 2016-12-09 06:26 PM
Hi. I just started taking Viibryd 2 days ago 10... 2016-12-07 07:38 PM
Hi all am new round here...was just wondering if... 2016-11-30 09:01 AM
Hi all am new to the group...I was just wondering... 2016-11-30 08:53 AM
Just started taking zyban today for depression... 2016-11-01 08:31 PM
I would like to talk to people who take both of... 2016-10-26 05:22 AM
Since starting flomax, my mother-in-law's... 2016-10-22 01:41 PM
Hi everyone I cannot find anything any where re... 2016-10-07 01:39 PM
Hi everyone, Thank you for letting me join... 2016-09-29 02:49 AM
Im having teeth loss i cant eat 2016-08-31 03:12 PM
I have been twitching for a year now after short... 2016-08-22 09:23 AM
Hello, My name is Mary Byrne. Next week, I... 2016-08-19 12:22 PM
Hi i am pat I suffer with emphysema and anxiety... 2016-08-19 11:59 AM
Got Vertigo 8 weeks ago after working in... 2016-08-15 05:43 PM
have just started the Valium and endep together... 2016-08-12 06:39 AM
Hi, my name is Suzanne and my mother is 87 years... 2016-08-07 11:10 AM
Hello. My name is Luz. I'm using 5 ml of... 2016-08-05 04:51 AM
cant stop crying 2016-08-04 12:11 PM
I take zanaflex and Valium together for sleep and... 2016-07-28 09:50 AM
I find that my face looks a bit swollen lately... 2016-07-26 12:38 PM
this has destroyed my life--diagnosed as fibro... 2016-07-26 06:28 AM
Hi I am at present on macrodantin and have been... 2016-07-23 04:04 AM
Does valium cause orthstatic or postural syndrome? 2016-07-21 12:33 AM
I am a diazapam user not by choice but to keep my... 2016-07-12 02:07 PM
Hello, My name is Thomas Mangione. I'm a Ph.D.... 2016-07-11 09:31 PM
Hi, I am currently tapering off of valium using... 2016-07-09 12:24 PM
Hi im melissa. I have ongoing persistant vertigo. 2016-07-05 09:17 PM
is this effective long term? wanna get on... 2016-07-04 11:43 AM
Need to know about taking glimepiride and Valium... 2016-07-03 11:24 AM
I 66 year old female have dry mouth nose eyes ... 2016-07-02 09:20 PM
i have anxiety starts bad at night.....i take my... 2016-06-29 11:10 PM
Thanks for wondering if Klonopin might have been... 2016-06-18 08:37 AM
Valium helps control my symptoms of MS 2016-06-13 08:07 AM
I just started my treatment with Valium and... 2016-06-02 07:21 PM
Hi I am Hilary I have recently been diagnosed... 2016-06-02 01:53 PM
Itching starts in the evening. Usually starts on... 2016-05-19 01:33 PM
early up again, cant pee, been on loo for god... 2016-05-06 12:03 AM
Just started taking carafate while doing a Valium... 2016-04-23 08:35 AM
I have been taking valium on and off for decades.... 2016-04-22 04:43 PM
have auoimmune anxiety take valium since aiugust... 2016-04-19 06:26 PM
I have been taken Diazepam over a year for... 2016-04-15 09:52 AM
Hi, name is Pam! I suffer from chronic pain! Dr... 2016-04-02 02:41 PM
Just trying to see if there's a cause for my... 2016-03-30 03:31 PM
Hearing loss and the incessant tone began and... 2016-03-20 06:54 AM
Hearing loss and the incessant tone began and... 2016-03-20 06:51 AM
I have contracted tinnitus recently, and I have... 2016-02-25 07:25 AM
I have been taking prescribed Valium for over 20... 2016-02-18 06:46 PM
I have had vertigo on and off for many yrs. I am... 2016-02-07 03:45 PM
taking diazepam 2mgs at night for past 8yrs... 2016-01-23 09:45 AM
edmonton,Ab 2016-01-20 11:52 PM
Just been diagnosed w/ Barrett's esophagus.... 2016-01-08 02:17 PM
I have nightmares every night. Just read that... 2015-12-27 10:36 AM
I am trying to go detox of off valium and I feel... 2015-12-15 11:17 AM
I have stomach distention and bloating from all... 2015-12-01 07:40 PM
Dark circles from stress OR the medication to... 2015-11-20 09:58 PM
Head feels pressure squeezed as well as in my... 2015-11-19 01:29 AM
I have taken valium for many years. I believe it... 2015-11-14 09:39 PM
Hi I was put on Noryriptyline and took a Valium... 2015-11-10 01:53 PM
Hi, I was prescribed Valium in April 2014 for... 2015-10-25 12:27 PM
Above are my list of conditions and medications.... 2015-10-25 09:42 AM
I just started taking zebeta and use valium... 2015-10-18 06:37 PM
Has anyone experienced numbness in the balls of... 2015-10-16 04:39 PM
I have had numb balls of my feet for about 3... 2015-10-16 04:34 PM
Took Valium low dose for 6mths and got myoclonus... 2015-10-09 09:51 PM
I have been taking valium for 8 months and lately... 2015-09-17 10:15 PM
I take valium and have much more energy than... 2015-08-23 10:19 PM
I take Valium as a muscle relaxant, neurontin for... 2015-08-06 11:57 AM
Just starting dealing LPR. Been a light user of... 2015-08-03 10:46 AM
i want to go quietly, can this drug help me.... 2015-08-02 06:30 PM
Hi I will be seeing a uroligist for frequency to... 2015-07-27 10:46 PM
Just started taking Valium to balance my ears. On... 2015-06-29 06:32 PM
He uses antidepresive medicament for 10 days, one... 2015-06-26 08:04 AM
hi im new here I was on valiuim and did a slow... 2015-06-22 01:10 AM
I have an unpleasant tight feeling in my chest... 2015-06-17 09:06 AM
My name is Paddy (Patrick Doyle). I had... 2015-06-14 04:33 PM
Mother had a nervous breakdown according to... 2015-05-23 02:19 PM
Im joseph Mac, going through a hard time which... 2015-05-07 01:53 AM
I'm ready to go! I take methadone as a pain... 2015-05-02 03:04 AM
Hi, my name is Rosalie. I've just had an... 2015-04-28 02:01 AM
Hi , I'm just starting methylprednisolone , I am... 2015-04-22 05:58 PM
i am Helen Turner and i have been detoxing for... 2015-04-22 03:56 PM
Hi all, My names Gemma! This is a rather... 2015-04-20 06:44 AM
I have self medicated for 10+ years with opiates,... 2015-04-04 09:57 PM
Switched from 0.5mg Lorazepam to 5 mg of Diazepam... 2015-03-28 03:43 PM
Clonal b cell lymphocytosis 2015-03-03 12:46 PM
Hi guys, long term Valium user as and when for... 2015-03-02 06:09 AM
This symptom just started after 3 months of use... 2015-02-20 09:40 AM
took my first Methotrexate today .........can... 2015-02-20 03:26 AM
Anyone have any problems taking a few valium... 2015-02-11 03:56 PM

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