Hello, i just found this laying in my hospital...

Hello, I just found this laying in my hospital bed. I’ve never heard of this affliction and been on subs for about 8 years. Always with terrible side effects that I chalked up to being part of the drug interaction in everyone. I’m here because my kidneys started failing and through my research, I’ve found that suboxone is the culprit. I’ve also had a benign nerve sheethe tumor of the brachial plexus that I had neurosurgery for in 2014. Which I now see is most likely from suboxone. I now consider myself allergic to it and m desperate to never take it again. It’s literally had me on deaths door and I don’t know an alternative to straight withdrawal. Regular pain killers don’t have this affect on me. Interested to hear the stories as I’ve been searching for so long for help and I think this is it.

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