Hello my name is dee my 90 yr old mom had knee...

Hello my name is Dee My 90 yr old mom had knee pain and took ex strength Tylenol 2-3 times a day for 7 days 9she never takes anything and has probably had a couple Tylenol a couple of times a decade ago) she has experienced debilitating muscle weakness. I googled Tylenol and Muscle Weakness and found this site. I took her off the Tylenol immediately. It's been 7 days off it with no noticeable improvement. She can barely use her walker to go about 20 feet or so and she's exhausted. I had to get a wheelchair for anything more. Otherwise she feels fair, tired but also not sleeping that well. Her doctor is out sick but I will call tomorrow to get rescheduled. I'm trying to get the FDA report but having problems. Does anyone have any input?? Please !!

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