Hi everyone, i'm looking forward to sharing and...

Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to sharing and learning better ways to manage pain. As I grow older it seems to get more challenging. After 20 plus years of ulcerative colitis, I developed degenerative disc disease and a few years after that fibromyalgia. I was told that the many regiments of prednisone were behind most of my problems. That and stress of course. In 2005 my fingers began to dry, crack and peel. Many days I would go to work with Band-Aids on most of my fingers. Not only was it very painful it was also embarrassing. After seeing a dermatologist he labeled it psoriasis and gave me a cream which helped but didn't stop my fingers from peeling. My UC continued to worsen and my doctor suggested I consider having a colonectomy.Finally in 2012 after a few rounds of remicade (I was sick with colds and such the whole time) I decided to go to a holistic clinic. The first thing I did was check for allergies. After the process of elimination I discovered I had several food sensitivities. I cut out gluten and within a few weeks my fingers were back to normal! I have been on Lyrica for approx 3 months. He also added meloxicam. Now.....my fingers are peeling and a place on the back of my neck too. Also my colon is becoming irritated. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? The lyrics seems to help with energy. I discontinued the meloxicam. I just can't risk getting my colon flared up. Thank you, Tena

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