I am having dull pain at lower abdomen right side...

I am having dull pain at lower abdomen right side from last 2/3 yrs and always feel heavy even after small meal also Ultrasound test shows fatty lever and chlostrol level also bit high feel some swallow muscles on waist line right side also what it can be

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  • Hi, I'm Judah, the moderator for this group. Abdominal pain can be caused by any number of things, unfortunately, so without further testing it would be very hard to say what is causing this pain. The best thing is to be as detailed as possible when describing your pain to your provider: severity on a scale of 0-10, quality (is it a dull pain? is sharp or stabbing?), duration (is the pain always there or does it come and go?), and what makes your pain worse or better. Hope this helps! And you can always talk about your symptoms here if it helps to figure out this problem. Just remember that it is your doctor who can actually diagnose and treat you!

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