I believe that fluconazole has caused my low...

I believe that Fluconazole has caused my low potassium that I am now having IVs for

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  • Fluconazole and other antifungals, and also a few other drugs cause hypokalemia by increasing potassium loss through the kidneys. Flonase is a nasal steroid which in repeated long term use can result in significant systemic absorption that causes corticosteroids side effects; hypernatremia and hypokalemia, and much more!
    Dr Hana Fayyad, pediatrician ( Maria Jasmine Freeman, author of The Cross Of Menopause-Immolation).

    Comment written 2 years ago

  • I had no idea Flonase could lower potassium. Maybe I should discontinue its use.

    Comment written 2 years ago

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