I have just been diagnosed with ph and i am a bit...

I have just been diagnosed with ph and I am a bit fearful.....I am a female, 80 yrs old and had been in good health until 6 yrs ago when the A fib began ....it took 2 years and 2 ablations and 4 cardio versions before the doc finally put in a pace maker. I still have A fib but my bp stays below 130..... The last years have been difficult with breathing irregularities, and all the other stuff that goes with ph. I am now going to the Mayo in Rochester ......My newest drug is a long acting nitro.....and that has been helpful. One of my biggest complaints now is hand tremors. I was thinking this morning that possibly they appear when I am in a hurry....getting dressed for an appt. etc. I'm going to track the tremors for the next week so ......I have also noticed that they come shortly after I wake up. Does anyone have thoughts or experiences with Tremors.....It will be wonderful to hear from you... Sharon

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