I've been on dexilant for six months. in that...

I've been on Dexilant for six months. In that time I've had two respiratory infections that required antibiotics. Now I'm sick again with the same thing. I was on Prilosec and didn't have these side effects but it wasn't strong enough to decrease my reflux symptoms. I'm going to the Mayo clinic in Sept. For more intensive tests and to be evaluated. My mother and relatives had these same issues. I know I cannot endure the pain an nausea without this strong medication but it surely presents other problems. Anyone else with similar issues? I'm normal weight, eat very healthy diet with no processed foods alcohol dairy or gluten. I also have a list of about 40 foods that cause symptoms even on this strong medication. Do you have any tips or recommendations that may help?

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  • Hi Fran! I'm Sarah, the moderator for the groups. I found this link that shows that a few others have reported the same: http://www.ehealthme.com/ds/dexilant/upper+respiratory+tract+infection

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