It has been a month since i had sudden onset...

It has been a month since I had sudden onset bilateral lower extremity. I am now using a walker and wheelchair due to the weakness, muscle spasms and fatique. I do not have any pain of any sort. I am seeing a neurologist and have had extensive testing done; MRIs, CT, Nerve Conduction tests, blood work, spinal tap to mention a few. All the tests have been "unremarkable." Now I am doing research on the medications I am taking. Omeprazole is one medication prescribed and the physicians know I take it, I always hand a medication list to my medical providers. Not sure what is causing the weakness and why the immediate onset with no previous symptoms.

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  • I have been taking 40mg of it in the morning and 40mg at night for almost 7 weeks. A few days ago I started noticing muscle twitches. They will bounce all over my body. Arm, legs, feet, neck, etc. they are painless and only last a couple seconds on each muscle. Very annoying! I believe they also cause joint pain.

    Comment written 6 months ago

  • I have exactly the same problem and am now using a walker. I am on furosemide and xerallto which I am currently looking at.

    Comment written 7 months ago

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