My name is sylvia. i have taken cipro on and off...

My name is Sylvia. I have taken Cipro on and off for bladder infections. I took it Last part of April and on June 15 started having Restless Leg Syndrom. I have been doing research and found your article.. It is very uncomfortable. Need to talk with someone about it. My primary Dr. Does not know much about it or my urologist.

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  • I am the above gal that had restless Leg Syndrome for 4 mos. I tried many treatments.
    Two powerful drugs, did not work. Finally, took two Tyrol and ice packs each night the aches started. That helped a lot. Then went to ice packs alone and now am 95 percent better. Got s lot of ideas from comments on the Internet of those suffering from RLS
    Hope this helps some. Sleep all night, no more ice packs, or anything..
    Now just sleep with my legs elevated.

    Comment written 6 months ago

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