Two and a half years ago my husband steve died of...

Two and a half years ago my husband Steve died of a brain hemorrhage. He had all good vitals including blood pressure. Unfortunately, he had a small meningioma, that was being watched and had not shown any changes in months. On an freaky visit to an out of town doctor, Steve was recommended to take a baby aspirin each day. Unfortunately, I would spend six weeks watching my husband 'go down hill' in one way and then another, to our confusion. It was December 9th in 2015 that Steve was rushed to the hospital as a result of his auditory and visual difficulties. I would never talk to my husband again, never see him live life and enjoy family times. He would be put on life support by the time I arrived at the hospital. Five days later I made the decision to remove any life assistance except his own. I layed next to him for five minutes after this and he peacefully passed from this world. Upon arriving home I had a headache without any pain reliever. Suddenly I remembered the baby aspirins, to save me. As I poured those little pills in my hand they told me the story of my husbands death. Just as if God said, 'I offer you all of the answers you need my child.' I knew at that moment what had happened during the previous six weeks. The exact little bottle that was going to cure my headache had stolen the very life out of Steve. In these two and a half years there is much written on the interaction between aspirins and a brain tumor called meningioma. My attempts to review this with physicians was met with ignorance and rudeness. I finally took a new look at this issue again this week. I was shocked to see the real efforts to understand and put an end to such a rare interaction. It is nice to see that I did not ignored completely on this matter. I am very happy to talk to anyone about my husband's life and his death if it should bring peace to anyone else. Tammie Knightes

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