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I have been taking it for a month now and cannot stop vomiting. it's unbearable. i just reached ... May, 08, 2017
I’ve been taking lithium since 04/05/17, and the nausea started a couple hours after taking my ... May, 03, 2017
Just started trimeprim and i'm on fluxotine for post natal depression, and codeine for a serious ... Apr, 06, 2017
Hello, i am suffering from myasthinia gravis and hoshimoto thyroiditis .i need your ... Mar, 25, 2017
Does anyone else have vomiting, diarrhea, and very tired with trigminal neuralgia? i do ever ... Mar, 24, 2017
Hi. i am a mom of a 13 year old daughter who was diagnosed around christmas with absence ... Mar, 15, 2017
I start taking levothyroxine in november. my thyroid gland just quit at age 68. my stomach, ... Feb, 06, 2017
I have hashimotos and i tried taking selenium (l-selenomethioine) and it caused sore throat. i ... Jan, 27, 2017
I am a mom! my daughter had been on linzess for about 8 months for ibs. sickness set in in oct. ... Jan, 26, 2017
Hi i'm jackie- i've just found this group and hope someone may help. i was diagnosed with ... Dec, 30, 2016
Hello! i've been on generic wellbutrin xl for 5 weeks now and i've had nausea and no appetite ... Dec, 25, 2016
Hi, my father has pleural effusion and vomitings. if he takes zofer md he is able to take food ... Dec, 22, 2016
I have been on tpn now for almost two years due to four bowel resections from severe crohn's ... Dec, 22, 2016
I started ampyra on dec. 2. i've been vomiting of and on since. i've no other symptoms and do ... Dec, 17, 2016
I took zicam for the 1st time last night i went to bed with a severe stomachache i woke up at 5 ... Dec, 10, 2016
Hi - i was diagnosed with pericarditis last january. the boston doc i ended up seeing, believes ... Sep, 20, 2016
I have stage iv breast cancer. i was diagnosed in 2015 with dvt 's in both legs and get daily ... Sep, 03, 2016
I have been taking metoprolol tartate for 8 months . now switched to metoprolol such er 25 mg . ... Aug, 31, 2016
Hi i've been on tobi for 16 days : i also use pulmozyme. my dr said 28 days for tobi to tret ... Aug, 26, 2016
Hi, my mother suffers from copd and has been very neauseous and fatigued the past few days. is ... Aug, 14, 2016
I have been taking victoza(1.8mg) and 1000mg of metformin er(2xs daily) along with levimir(10mg ... Aug, 14, 2016
Taking 1/2 teaspoon of powdered ginger in a cup of hot water with sugar settles the stomach. i ... Aug, 11, 2016
I have been experiencing bouts of extreme nausea (no vomiting) usually accompanied with loose ... Aug, 05, 2016
My gynecologist and dermatologist are both insistent that this medication does not cause nausea ... Jul, 30, 2016
Hello, my mother is in the hospital, and is receiving sodium thiosulfate treatment for ... Jul, 27, 2016
I served in aghanistan in 2006. ever since, my sleep sucks. i just had zolpimist for the ... Jul, 26, 2016
On amiodarone for about 4 weeks, have cut down from 400mg to 200mg. i have been nauseous the ... Jul, 26, 2016
Has anyone experienced an improvement with nausea/vomiting when switching from synthroid to the ... Jul, 23, 2016
I'm a medical doctor.. my father has been taking mexiletine to control his slow vt... he has ... Jul, 21, 2016
I'm slowly dying & can't get a doctor to take me serious. i suspect i have this or something ... Jul, 20, 2016
Hello, i would like to introduce myself to the group. my name is kara, and i have been on ... Jul, 15, 2016
Just started taking lisinopril and am in my 50s. i feel fine with my energy level. one issue ... Jul, 12, 2016
This review is for taking both drugs within 30 minutes of each other. i felt nauseated, ... Jul, 08, 2016
Mitral valve repair (sternum approach) may 31, also maze procedure and appendage removal. back ... Jun, 28, 2016
I was diagnosed with tn 12 years ago. i have also experienced episodes of severe nausea and ... Jun, 17, 2016
I have gastroparesis with small bowel dysmotility and malabsorption. i also have autoimmune ... May, 25, 2016
I've recently begun taking 60mg of duloxetine. i am often having nausea to the point of ... May, 19, 2016
My 16 year old daughter has been taking lamictal for bipolar for 4 1/2 months. a month or so ... May, 18, 2016
Starting taking cialis 6 weeks ago for bph. now having incredible stomach pain. feel bloated. ... May, 15, 2016
My 3yr old daughter is taking cephalexin and has just started vomiting. only small amounts at ... May, 01, 2016
My insurance company would not pay for my oxycontin anymore and said i must switch to morphine ... Apr, 13, 2016
Im taking gabapentin and quit after vomiting. is there any drug like this one but wont make me ... Mar, 28, 2016
Just recovering from taking a healed teaspoon. this has been the first time of taking since ... Mar, 16, 2016
Ihave recently begun taking 5mg daily of cialis ihave been having stomach upset. is there any ... Mar, 13, 2016
Omg took milk of magnesia. had dinner and about an hr later started vomiting. 2hrs later ... Mar, 01, 2016
Have just started taking 15 gm per day of mcp (prostate cancer) but my stomach is pretty sore. ... Mar, 01, 2016
Hi, i noticed that whenever i take pentazocine, i usually vomit everything i've eaten that day. ... Feb, 20, 2016
Hi my name is kyle i have been on inevga sustenna for 5 months and i have been vomiting for the ... Feb, 16, 2016
I have type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent). i have been taking 1,000 mg of metformin hcl ... Feb, 12, 2016
I've been taking excedrin for years for chronic cluster or migraine type headaches. it's the ... Jan, 25, 2016

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