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Hello everyone 😷! new mexico norm here . found this site while on one of my internet ... Jun, 06, 2017
I have colon spasms and as a result abdominal disorder causing atrial febliration attacks to me. ... Jun, 03, 2017
Hello everyone.. hope to get some insight and someone to relate to with this problem. ... Jun, 01, 2017
Hi there, thank you for letting me join this group. i have had a-fib for 20 years. i'm ... Jun, 01, 2017
I have taken amlopidine for about 3 months, i am afraid that i have developed peripheral ... Jun, 01, 2017
It's been years since i've taken methotrexate and when i was taking it years ago i had the ... May, 31, 2017
Been on 1500 mg of hydroxy for 10 + years for pv recently suffered ulnar nerve entrapment and ... May, 30, 2017
Hi, i'm looking for information, support, & advice. i just started experiencing afib - have ... May, 30, 2017
May 3, 2017 surgery to remove cancer tumor from right kidney. iv of dilaudid or morphine, ... May, 29, 2017
I have used losartan by 3 years and since one year a go i got neuropatiia peripheryc but my ... May, 28, 2017
My name is geraldine. i have afib and have been on multaq 400 mg 2x a day for about 2 years. ... May, 27, 2017
I have been on anti convulsants since the age oh 19. i am now 67 and have had issues with ... May, 25, 2017
I have been taking benadryl for several years for allergy. i also have taken large doses of it ... May, 22, 2017
Ive had atrial fib since 2009. ive been taking amlodipine for over 6 mo. i have akways ... May, 21, 2017
I was on revlimid for five years and had atrial fibrillation. the cardiologist put me on a beta ... May, 20, 2017
I was very recently diagnosed ( 7 days ago) with afib and i also have allergy induced asthma. ... May, 17, 2017
Thanks for everybody's input. has anybody successfully replaced saw palmetto with b-sitosterol, ... May, 12, 2017
I took xarelto for 2 years before i was treated for a gastro bleeding problem and stopped ... May, 09, 2017
I have been taking prilosec for several years. for approximately one month, i have experienced ... May, 08, 2017
I have developed dropfoot 3 months after taking embry it has been almost a year since the ... May, 07, 2017
I've had hyperlipidemia for 8-9 years now. i have been suffering from peripheral neuropathy for ... May, 04, 2017
I am having problems with coughing and have afib. i am on pradaxa and toprolol for this afib and ... May, 02, 2017
My husband has afib and is going to start votrient. he had to goff blood thinner, but takes ... May, 01, 2017
Ranitidine 150mg x 2 per day taken for several years as recommended by dr for gastric reflux ... Apr, 27, 2017
Just found out i have afib. (discovered in the hospital two weeks ago. went to hospital for ... Apr, 26, 2017
I have been diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet and hands that have put me in severe pain and ... Apr, 26, 2017
I suffer from paroxysmal a fib and have been told i have polymyalgia rheumatica and need to take ... Apr, 26, 2017
Just diagnosed with afib and wondering if using rogaine has caused it. just read the side ... Apr, 20, 2017
I have been taking 12.5 mg ambien cr for 6 years 2 or 3 times per week and then for about 10 or ... Apr, 19, 2017
I have been taking methotrexate 15 mgs for rheumatoid arthritis since 2013. in 2016 i started ... Apr, 15, 2017
Humira hasn't been working all that well for me, and now i have the adverse effects of a-fib as ... Apr, 14, 2017
Long time sufferer of depression and afib on and off for 20 years. in afib now and starting ... Apr, 11, 2017
Have neuropathy after chemo for colon cancer but was assured that when chemo stopped damage to ... Apr, 10, 2017
I was taken off lisinopril/hctz. put on losartan/hctz which was not bringing my blood pressure ... Mar, 28, 2017
I have peripheral neuropathy which had been doing pretty good but i had to get on clindamycin ... Mar, 24, 2017
My name is cindy, 54, and i am taking several medications to prevent afib and help blood ... Mar, 24, 2017
Hi everyone, i'm new here but experiencing atrial flutter at least 3 x/s a day since i started ... Mar, 24, 2017
I just had total knee replacement surgery and have been having atrial fibrillation, the first ... Mar, 23, 2017
Hello - i am glad to join the group - i have been suffering with very painful panniculitis in ... Mar, 22, 2017
I get so many bad reactions from medications i will not take most drugs that are prescribed for ... Mar, 20, 2017
Age 68. i also have hep c ( no liver damage) currently being treated with epclusa. i was told by ... Mar, 18, 2017
Is it possible to use pine bark extract as a substitute for blood thinners to assist with the ... Mar, 17, 2017
People who have neuropathy should take magnesium. if there is dysregulation, this should help. ... Mar, 17, 2017
I've been on arimidix for 7 years . i have afib since last april 2016. i'm 62. hope this group ... Mar, 07, 2017
Just found out the link between effexor xr and atrial fibrillation. add this to the known but ... Mar, 06, 2017
I'm a 6 foot, 200 lb., 68 year old male that had extensive lumbar fusion 5 years ago. the ... Mar, 04, 2017
On tikosen for 4 months and burning symptoms in hands, feet and scalp. started 2 months after ... Mar, 04, 2017
Ever since being on eliquis for 4 months for a fib i am getting muscle and tendon pain and ... Mar, 01, 2017
Prior to using nulytely prep for a colonoscopy, ihad never had any heart problems. the morning ... Feb, 24, 2017
I have been taking losartan for over a year and noticed numbness in feet after beginning, never ... Feb, 17, 2017
Have episodes of extreme diarrhea nausea and afib. it unclear to me which causes which. just ... Feb, 15, 2017
I have been taking anastrozole for approximately 6 months. no issues, until about 2-3 months ... Feb, 13, 2017
I was just diagnosed with a-fib (after a visit to the e.r., i.c.u. and eventual "cardio ... Feb, 11, 2017
I have had idiopathic neuropathy for twelve years starting with lipitor. in cooperation with my ... Feb, 10, 2017
I have puns and needles in my thighs and moves down my legs. i get this after my rituxan ... Feb, 06, 2017
Hello my name is clare, i have unexplained peripheral neuropathy. i have no answer to why i have ... Feb, 05, 2017
Hello one and all. i was diagnosed this last summer (at mayo clinic) with peripheral neuropathy. ... Feb, 02, 2017
Just started 30 mg cymbalta two weeks ago and it seems to have irritated my afib to where i am ... Jan, 27, 2017
Diagnosed with afib 1.5 years ago. take flecainide. dr recently put me on cyclobenzaprine. 35 ... Jan, 26, 2017
Started taking amlodipine for high blood pressure approx 6 months ago. afib symptoms started ... Jan, 26, 2017
I am female, 73, diagnosed with afib 4 years ago after post knee replacement. monitored by ... Jan, 25, 2017
Have atrial flutter, started pardaxa, yesterday and within 12 hours l developed a muscle twitch ... Jan, 21, 2017
I have had peripheral neuropathy for many years and have been on levothyroxin for many years. i ... Jan, 18, 2017
I am 55 years old and have noticed this condition occurring to me for the last several years. i ... Jan, 17, 2017
I take a large dose and have for many years. no gout. dr. that prescribed this is a research dr. ... Jan, 03, 2017
Developed peripheral neuropathy - so thought could be related to gluten intolerance- so just was ... Dec, 30, 2016
Hi, i had my first prolia (dinosumab) injection on 7th oct and i have been getting atrial ... Dec, 20, 2016
Hi there, i started letrozole three years ago and was today diagnosed with peripheral ... Dec, 19, 2016
I am a 69-year-old male who had a first episode of afib after the first couple of infusions with ... Dec, 18, 2016
I was just diagnosed with atrial fibrillation low risk. i am awaiting a prescription for ... Dec, 13, 2016
Hello all, acquired peripheral neuropathy early this year while taking ppi for barretto. got ... Nov, 23, 2016
I am an 83 year old male and suffer from these problems simultaneously. where i have had a rash ... Oct, 07, 2016
I am 38 years old and i had my first episode when i was 29. i ended up in hospital with a heart ... Oct, 07, 2016
I would be pleased to join a support group and value your contribution. my name is pam i am ... Oct, 02, 2016
I was on alendronate sodium for about 8 months starting november 2013 and started to have ... Sep, 30, 2016
My father was stared on eliquis for atrial fibrillation and developed progressive peripheral ... Sep, 28, 2016
Have been taking wellbutrin for about 4 years or so. the last 6 months began to experience ... Sep, 20, 2016
I am a 61 year old female and had a liver transplant in may of 2015. it was after the transplant ... Sep, 15, 2016
Seeking to join group on behalf of someone else. i think it would be valuable to explore this ... Sep, 13, 2016
I ended up with a serious situation when i was prescribed 20 mg prednizone each day for a week ... Sep, 08, 2016
I've had peripheral neuropathy for over 6 months, now, and i've reached the point where i can't ... Sep, 06, 2016
I have peripheral neuropathy for the past 2 years. i do not know what caused it. but just saw ... Sep, 05, 2016
I have ibs-c and have developed peripheral neuropathy which is progressing. i am very scared. is ... Sep, 03, 2016
I'm a newbie to all of this, am in my late 60's and female. i was diagnosed with as a little ... Aug, 31, 2016
Retired 70 yr old cyclist, dealing with side effects of various bp medications that are being ... Aug, 30, 2016
Hi! who can tell me what t do? ! i took only 3 pills total of methylprednosolon on my first ... Aug, 29, 2016
63 yr old male. on flomax for 7 weeks ...developing drop foot on right side. could it be due ... Aug, 29, 2016
Hi 🙂 back on 6/22/16 i was given xifaxan to take for 2 weeks for a possible ibs condition ... Aug, 29, 2016
Hi -- i have been on niacin 1000 mg/day for just over two years for arterial plaque reduction / ... Aug, 27, 2016
I have just been given a prescription for levofloxacin 500 mg for a uti and have chronic atrial ... Aug, 26, 2016
Hello! i have polineuropathy. i already did all kind of investigation and couldn't find the ... Aug, 26, 2016
I was wondering if i should stop nadadol intake. i have afib now and i'm going in for my 3rd ... Aug, 20, 2016
My name is diane and i have afib. i was thinking about taking lexapro and don't know if it will ... Aug, 19, 2016
I have been taking ambien for more than five years. i cannot take ambien cr as i am suspicious ... Aug, 16, 2016
Hi i am new. i'm italian but i live in ny. i started taking amoxicillin 5 days ago and quit ... Aug, 16, 2016
I just came into this situation. i was on hzt and it was time for a refill so during my exam the ... Aug, 14, 2016
Hi, i came down with atrial fibrillation about 2 years ago. the doctors took a long time ... Aug, 13, 2016
I have had atrial fibrillation since january. have kept well and i am on flecainide tablets for ... Aug, 08, 2016
Hello all. i am looking for some answers. i took triamterine37.5mg/hctz 25mg for three days. ... Aug, 07, 2016
Hi, i had a virus in my central brain nerves system from 13 years ago and since 5 years i,am ... Aug, 06, 2016

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