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I am 75 and have started experiencing bronchospasm following dyspepsia. i could not catch my ... May, 14, 2017
My only child died 19 days after giving birth to my only grandchild. my daughter was only 20 ... May, 02, 2017
Hi, i have been on hydroxyurea for about 18 years and constantly have indigestion but without ... Apr, 20, 2017
Hi group - if one exists that has these ridiculous conditions i've been blessed with. ... Apr, 15, 2017
Hi i lost my mother who was on vimpat for only 2 months and had sudden death for the 2 months ... Apr, 14, 2017
Hello i have a 11 year girl on ablify 10mg once daily.she has been on the meds for about 4 ... Apr, 04, 2017
My 28 year old son died suddenly. he was done taking his harvoni. don't know if it caused his ... Apr, 03, 2017
I've been having indigestion been taking protonix to help ease long will this last ... Mar, 19, 2017
My 26-year-old daughter took lamictal and died while jogging. she went into cardiac arrest. she ... Mar, 11, 2017
I lost my daughter to sudden death from epilepsy. she was only on keppra and for only about 2 ... Feb, 26, 2017
Have sliding parasophageal hernia and take protonix. indigestion started after one cefuroxime ... Feb, 23, 2017
My mother was 84 years old. very active. history of hepatitis c, and a.fib. treated with blood ... Feb, 16, 2017
Twice in recent months my wife has prepared a soup with live, fresh moringa. both times i ... Feb, 15, 2017
Hello. i have lost my partner on the 27.01.2017. he was a fit 28 year old with no health ... Feb, 12, 2017
My client has suddenly died after 2 days of treatment with trimethoprim. doctors are still ... Feb, 10, 2017
Hi, it's been one years ago and i was taking clonazépam 2 mg per day. i'm 24 years old, and ... Jan, 31, 2017
My mother died on 17 july 2016. before that she was on tacrolimus and prednisolone combination ... Dec, 04, 2016
Hi, my name is dawn, my 24 year old son was on precedex with an impaired liver function. i ... Aug, 29, 2016
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism two years ago, and like many, struggle to get the ... Aug, 25, 2016
I have m.s, and have been on tysabri for 15 years (clinical drug trial) my last blood test ... Aug, 08, 2016
Invokana -- it literally killed me! i was able to come back...but within 3 mins of feeling faint ... Jul, 27, 2016
Aren't you guys meant to be dead wtf is this a support group from the grave i'm filling ... Jul, 27, 2016
My son that just turned 23 in jan. 2016 was prescribed the drug paxil in dec. 2015, in feb. of ... Jul, 24, 2016
Hello i am 50 year old female. i have been taking lasix for 3 1/2 weeks at the same time i ... Jul, 09, 2016
I am new to humira and have gone through my starter pack and one follow up dose and am due to ... May, 20, 2016
My mom had sudden death and i have wondered if decreasing synthroid med. from 100 to 88 to 70 in ... May, 08, 2016
I have been taking phentermine on and off for over 20 years. wanting to know if anyone else out ... Apr, 26, 2016
My wife is being forced by a hospital to take depakote, despite the fact that a different one ... Mar, 12, 2016
My 5 year old son died suddenly in september of 2015. he had been on baclofen for 2-3 months for ... Mar, 01, 2016
Oh god i just lost my daddy wednesday morning, he was only 63 and has had diabetes for atleast ... Feb, 26, 2016
My 43 great old husband died suddenly jan 11th. he had what we thought we a cold until he ... Feb, 21, 2016
Hello, i am 62 and just start xarelto for the second time for blood clots. having indigestion. ... Feb, 09, 2016
Hi, my name is malcolm, my wife was prescribed this drug invokana,she was supposed to be type 2 ... Feb, 01, 2016
Hello every one my name is cocoa and i lost my love one a year and a half ago. there was ... Jan, 28, 2016
My husband passed away january 3, 2016. while he faced many health issues, in my heart, i feel ... Jan, 27, 2016
My husband james was prescribed cephalexin (20) 500 sept 01, 2011. he died sometime between sept ... Jan, 25, 2016
I'm looking to join a support group for any family member of someone who has died due to the use ... Jan, 23, 2016
My mother was in year 4 of taking arimidex when she had to go to the hospital to be observed in ... Dec, 07, 2015
My brother was 54 years old. on this medicine for prostrate cancer doing great died suddenly ... Dec, 05, 2015
My husband passed away with no warning 2 weeks ago. he was only 42. he worked everyday. he was ... Dec, 01, 2015
I ate a bowl of cereal before going to bed and added a layer of fine flax seed powder on top. ... Nov, 16, 2015
My name is kim. i had a complete hysterectomy this past summer. initially, i declined the use ... Nov, 04, 2015
My 10 yr.old son died in dec.of 2014. took his meds, vomited and was gone within minutes. has ... Oct, 29, 2015
Lost my son after only 3 months being on lovenox. in his early years after a heart valve ... Sep, 30, 2015
My mother died on july 10, 2012 less than 24 hours of taking the neulasta shot. she didn't need ... Sep, 21, 2015
My father had the lupron depot injection and the next day he woke up couldn't speak or move.... ... Sep, 18, 2015
Any information regarding the inhaler bricanyl and sudden death in patients with copd would be ... Aug, 03, 2015
I am a father who raised a daughter on my own and she had horrible periods...she had ... Jul, 27, 2015
I lost my brother 10 minutes after taking magnesium citrate. the emts said it was a heart ... Jul, 20, 2015
My wife who was 72 and reasonably good health had been taking 2 ramipril 10 mg caps daily for ... Jul, 09, 2015
Hi my name is ashley and 2months ago i lost my mother to a serious lung infection. i believe ... Jun, 14, 2015
Hi all i was on naproxen for 6 months. my doc then realised i had developed dyspepsia and ... May, 28, 2015
My 50-year-old sister died suddenly in february after starting latuda approximately 2 weeks ... May, 22, 2015
My name is vikki and my husband died suddenly after his simastatin was increased fron 20 to 40mg ... May, 20, 2015
My wife had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in her bones. nor organ involvement. her ... May, 05, 2015
My mother was recuperating at mayo clinic in december. 10 days after a heart procedure she was ... Apr, 17, 2015
Hello, i know this group is focused as you say, but, i wanted to tell my story about taking ... Apr, 07, 2015
Hi, i have been on tamsulosin for 3 weeks and it does the job it's meant to do. this last week ... Mar, 31, 2015
Abilify was given to my 22year old son. they took him off cause he had all the side effects, one ... Mar, 19, 2015
If 16 people have died after taking magnesium citrate is it possible that a class action lawsuit ... Mar, 16, 2015
My fiancé had a liver transplant 3 years ago and taking prograf, he was changed from prograf to ... Mar, 16, 2015
Hi......i have started taking these xarelto 20mg tablets as i have mild atrial fibrillation. ... Feb, 22, 2015

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