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So how do i lose this weight. i started on a life stile change with exercise and food control. ... May, 20, 2017
I have just been told i have severe anemia. i have bern referred to have a colonoscopy. in the ... May, 15, 2017
Yup. i have had psoriasis for quite some time but nothing so as i have had now after taking ... May, 11, 2017
I have been taking bisoprolol for many years . i also have ipf diagnosed some years after taking ... May, 08, 2017
Hi! is there anyone in this group? i see there are no post. i have been taking bisoprolol for 5 ... May, 03, 2017
Hi, i am completely aggravated with having gained about 30 lbs since taking this medication ... Apr, 29, 2017
I have been taking bisoprolol 2.5mg for about 3 years and not had any obvious side effects, but ... Apr, 22, 2017
Hi people i'm a 58 year old male from new zealand, currently living in australia. i was ... Apr, 20, 2017
I have been taking singulair/montelukast for 15 years because the medication totally stops ... Apr, 12, 2017
Hi im on amoldipine 10 mg and ramipril 10mg for high blood pressure been onn these since jan but ... Apr, 07, 2017
I need to learn as much as i can about this medication as my kidney function has gone from gfr ... Apr, 06, 2017
Using bisoprolol fumerate 2.5mg twice a day and usually have short (10 minutes) periods of ... Apr, 03, 2017
I am so annoyed! i take a very low dose of bisoprolol and need to take something like aspirin ... Mar, 26, 2017
I have just been diagnosed with asthma and prescribed to take pantaprozole and monte so i'm just ... Mar, 08, 2017
Hi everyone, i have been on 5mg bisoprolol for a little over 2 yrs. i am gaining weight slowly ... Mar, 07, 2017
Have taken montlukast about 15 years. have tremor in hands and lower lip. did not know this ... Feb, 19, 2017
Hi ive been having palputations since 2003. i noticed it everytime i eat. doctor prescribed me ... Feb, 19, 2017
I have just been prescribed bisoprolol fumarate 5mg. i am not sure that i really need it. i ... Feb, 13, 2017
I am a 50 year old woman. i have diabetes and high blood pressure. i live in a tropical country ... Jan, 18, 2017
I am taking care of my father who has been diagnosed w/ dementia. he takes montekulast because ... Jan, 09, 2017
Been on these drugs for two years since having an episode of takotsubo (broken heart syndrome). ... Dec, 15, 2016
My son, 7 years old experience enuresis after taking montelukast 5 days. anyone has same ... Dec, 01, 2016
Just started montelukast 10 mg. and have been taking 37.5 mg venlafaxine er, down from 75 mg. ... Nov, 04, 2016
Hi i've been suffering with burning mouth syndrome for about a year. i've seen multiple doctors ... Nov, 02, 2016
Hi all, i have been taking bispropolol for 2 years now and developed plaque psoriasis over a ... Sep, 21, 2016
Male 57, went off singulair over 14 years ago. i thought back then it caused hair loss. i ... Aug, 31, 2016
I had recently gotten relief from years of rls by taking gabapentin but now that i have started ... Aug, 30, 2016
I'm jenny mother to 3 year old chloe who takes the medicine and i've seen loss of appetite and ... Aug, 28, 2016
Looking for alternative medication if bisoprolol fumarate is causing chronic fatigue syndrome or ... Aug, 26, 2016
I have been on bisoprolol for 1 year 2.5mg recently increased to 7.5mg i suffer from swollen ... Aug, 26, 2016
Ive been taking bisoprolol for about 4 years started off on 5mg but heart rate slowed to low now ... Aug, 24, 2016
Hi, i have been taking montek lc continuously since 6 years, and now if i stop it for a day or ... Aug, 23, 2016
I am using bisoprolol which is not fully controlling my bp and as such i am considering starting ... Aug, 22, 2016
I am joying this group to try to help my husband who is suffering taking this combination - ... Aug, 11, 2016
I am taking bisoprolol for 2 months now and loss 10 kg is taht possible that bisoprolol causing ... Aug, 10, 2016
Hi i'm 30 trying for baby no3 but it high blood pressure and ju going take clomid any advice ... Aug, 03, 2016
Hi there. i have just started taking bisoprolol tablets today but i have had wolff parkins ... Jul, 27, 2016
I take bisoprolol fumarate because of heart fibrillation, and have an increasing problem with ... Jul, 24, 2016
After chemotherapy with doxorubicin for a malignancy i had heart damage and moderately severe ... Jul, 20, 2016
I had an aortic valve replacement 4 months ago and, following some af episodes in the hospital, ... Jul, 18, 2016
I am 49 yrs old. i have suffered from anxiety for more then half my life. i take 150mgs of ... Jul, 07, 2016
Hi i am dhiraj from india. in this group as i have been taking montair lc for last 3 years and ... Jul, 02, 2016
I have been taking montelukast sodium for a month and noticed hair loss. i thought it was ... Jun, 30, 2016
Hi there have been on montelukast for about 1 month now for allergy related asthma and rhinitis ... Jun, 19, 2016
Singular/ montulask for 17 years, f, 28, asthma, narcolepsy (diagnosed 1 year ago), liver/ g.i ... Jun, 16, 2016
I have had fibromyaligia for several years and have just been put on bisoprolol my symptoms have ... Jun, 13, 2016
I was taking bisoprolol fumarate 5 mg and i began to notice memory loss which scared me but ... Jun, 13, 2016
My daughter is on bisoprol and it seems like she is congested all of the wondering if ... Jun, 12, 2016
Hi i suffer with tn am i'm carbamezapine for this but on bisoprolol also for thyroid is it okay ... Jun, 01, 2016
Hya everyone, i am a 56 year old male who 2 months ago was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, i ... May, 26, 2016
Hi everyone ive had irregular menstruation in fact i havent had a menstruation for 2 months ... May, 11, 2016
I'm italian i suffer from severe asthma at age 6 years. singulair has changed my life, before i ... Apr, 21, 2016
Ive been on bisoprolol 5mg daily for about 6 months, can i take chloroquine anti malarial ... Feb, 15, 2016
I am 56 and have been on singulair for a couple of years. i have gained so much weight around my ... Feb, 11, 2016
I have recently started bisoprolol and have already gained a couple of pounds! help. i am ... Jan, 24, 2016
Had a perfect effect of the combination, bp stabilized but have some doubts regarding side ... Jan, 06, 2016
Just started taking bisoprolol about 2 months ago after changing from mitoprolol(took 2months). ... Dec, 14, 2015
I have been taking bisoprolol fumarate 7.5 mg for the last 6 months. although i feel an ... Nov, 29, 2015
Since taking bisoprololfumate 2.5 my weight has increased.this is really getting me down and i ... Nov, 27, 2015
I was recently diagnosed with af and my cardiologist changed my bp tablets from tenoretic to ... Nov, 25, 2015
Recently it is diagnosed bronchial ashma but cardiac doctor also prescribe bisoprlol. is ... Nov, 01, 2015
Been taking bisoprolol for a few weeks. recently have had agonizing toothache, which resulted in ... Oct, 14, 2015
I am taking bisopranolol for anxiety for just 4 days now and the getting stomach pains - has ... Sep, 25, 2015
Hi. before i was put on this drug because of atrial flutter i was running 1 hour alternate ... Sep, 16, 2015
I take bisoprolol and losartan and warfarin for hypertension af and mitral valve replacement ... Aug, 31, 2015
Hi. interested to read about dry eye caused from medication. having major problems with dry ... Aug, 14, 2015
I have been taking bisoprolol fumarate for 2 1/2 months. have experienced lessening of ... Aug, 13, 2015
I have been taking bisoprolol fumarate for 15 years and recently a doctor detected high ... Jul, 18, 2015
Hello!! i have been taking this med and its really scary i am losing my voice in the lower ... Jul, 13, 2015
Hello,i'm glenise.71years old and asthmatic since the age of four. have been taking ... Apr, 26, 2015
Great. i am the only one posting... i took montelkast a few times back in 2014. i stopped taking ... Mar, 30, 2015
Does anyone take these two pills at the same time. i am having an issue with my stomach at ... Mar, 20, 2015
I have been a vegetarian for a year. my diet is very very healthy. i have lost weight in every ... Mar, 06, 2015
Hello. i started takin gbispropolol in jnauary and now my face is very red. has anyone else ... Feb, 23, 2015

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