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Hello i was having severe panic attacks about six months ago so my doctor prescribed me valium. ... May, 31, 2017
I'm on 10mg diazepam (2 x 5mg) daily. i have about 50% of normal lung oxygen absorption, due to ... May, 15, 2017
I have been taking diazepam for around 40 years 10 mg 3 times a week as a sleeping pill if i ... May, 06, 2017
I have had a pacemaker for eight years but for the last four months have started to get the most ... Feb, 07, 2017
I have had a diagnosis of cfs about 10 years ago. after research i bought a machine that ... Feb, 04, 2017
Can you take korean ginseng with the ocassional diazipan? my wife wants to take 2000mg of ... Dec, 15, 2016
Hi all am new round here...was just wondering if any body's behaviour an personality as changed ... Nov, 30, 2016
Hi everyone i cannot find anything any where re my symptoms . i am normally a very fit healthy ... Oct, 07, 2016
Hi everyone, thank you for letting me join your group. my name is mary, (mary1016), the major ... Sep, 29, 2016
I have been twitching for a year now after short term use. my doctors think i'm crazy. anyone ... Aug, 22, 2016
Got vertigo 8 weeks ago after working in stressful hostile work environment.. emergency room ... Aug, 15, 2016
I am a diazapam user not by choice but to keep my anxiety in check. i find that i am very ... Jul, 12, 2016
I 66 year old female have dry mouth nose eyes sjroens fibromyalgia...about a mount i m having ... Jul, 02, 2016
I have been taken diazepam over a year for anxiety and have noticed hair loss. i started on 5mg ... Apr, 15, 2016
Just trying to see if there's a cause for my continued decrease in my ejection fraction and if ... Mar, 30, 2016
I have had vertigo on and off for many yrs. i am taking 2mg. diazepam daily it has helped me. ... Feb, 07, 2016
Above are my list of conditions and medications. the side effects of the morphine 20mg tabs are ... Oct, 25, 2015
Just starting dealing lpr. been a light user of diazepam for panic attacks. just went off ... Aug, 03, 2015
I want to go quietly, can this drug help me. please i am sober and correct, i had thought about ... Aug, 02, 2015
Hi, my name is rosalie. i've just had an exacerbation of chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction ... Apr, 28, 2015
Hi all, my names gemma! this is a rather embarrassing and degrading subject for me to talk ... Apr, 20, 2015

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