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I take paxil cr 37.5 daily and have for over 10 years with dose of 25 mg being increased on ... Jan, 10, 2017
I just started taking buspar 3wks almost ago 5mg twice daily with strattera 40 mg... cold ... Jan, 09, 2017
I have been taking 20mg of prozac for the last four years with good results except i have a ... Sep, 14, 2016
Hi, i been doing 30 mg. roxie and 2 mg koladapin for six years. the beginning of last year ... May, 31, 2016
I suffer from a major anxiety disorder. i was on olanzapine and clonazepam. i had to change drs ... May, 31, 2016
Hi i take both these medications on a daily regimen. i am going to the gym every other day and ... Feb, 28, 2016
Hello, i have just started taking buspirone, i also suffer from migraines, and have tried ... Jan, 19, 2016
I am trying to find out if paxil and paroxetine hcl are one in the same? also if there is anyone ... May, 26, 2015
Hi! i'm amber. mommy to three beautiful children. i have generalized anxiety disorder. among ... Apr, 25, 2015
Hi. i have been on paxil since october, i'm actually weaning off right now. but i have developed ... Mar, 22, 2015

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