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I feel tired all the time and am oversleeping. i find it extremely difficult to get out of the ... Jun, 03, 2017
I find myself agitated easily and getting angry with my dog for no good reason, then feel ... May, 07, 2017
I've been taking hydrazine to sleep for the past 6 months. but more recently i've been having ... Apr, 04, 2017
Hi, im mother of 10 years old girl, she has autism, anxiety and sleep disorder , the doctor gave ... Mar, 24, 2017
Want to know of any aborted sudden cardiac death incidents associated with taking 250 mcg ... Mar, 23, 2017
Just started this med to help w/panic & anxiety. i was also put on trazodone for extreme ... Mar, 10, 2017
I've never ever had hallucinations in my life from any medication. my daughter is a nurse so i ... Jan, 27, 2017
Hello.. i am a 43 year old female, smoker, and not so active due to a messed up back. i have ... Dec, 08, 2016
Been taking hydroxzyzine now taking ventolin inhaler do they mid. noticed since been taking ... Dec, 07, 2016
Hi, i'm sarah and i'm from central california but now live in los angeles. i like to dance and ... Sep, 20, 2016
Hydroxyzine is a really bad anxiety medicine to take. dr. prescribed it for me for stress an ... Sep, 07, 2016
I recently suffered a miscarriage in the first trimester and was also given vistaril by my ... Aug, 29, 2016
Hi i was prescribed this bad ass anxiety medicine that gives me a really bad fast heartbeat ... Aug, 21, 2016
Hi everyone, my name is leni and i am deaf. i've been on hydroxyzine for several months now. i ... Aug, 19, 2016
Hi. i've just taken first tamiflu 75mg capsule after having flu symptoms for 24 hrs.. now i'm ... Jul, 29, 2016
I started taking hydroxyzine a few months ago and i cannot stop yawning. it makes it hard to do ... Jul, 19, 2016
Hi everybody i take 1.25 mg of clonazapam at bedtime and recently in addition been adding ... Jul, 07, 2016
I was prescribed atarax for anxiety and it helps. i also take lexapro for depression. cant get ... Jun, 25, 2016
Insulin dependent diabetic for bout 10 years take 2 25 hydroxyzine for intense itching..need ... Apr, 27, 2016
I'm a 70 y/o white female. i've stopped hydroxyzine and my symptoms disappear. and on ... Mar, 07, 2016
Have been taking atarax for 3 years for dermatitis hepiformis i am a distance runner but lately ... Mar, 01, 2016
I have been taking atarax for over 20 years and now i have a cataract in my left eye i am 50 and ... Feb, 19, 2016
I have had to take fexofenadine for nearly 2 months due to a severe mould allergy that is ... Oct, 21, 2015
Hi jim b here, during allergy seasons i take more meds to control symptoms and it works well. ... Apr, 05, 2015

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