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I am glad i found this group. i have had some very bad side effects for the past 6 month. i had ... Jun, 04, 2017
Recently started taking buspar for anxiety a few weeks ago, now i have had multiple instances ... Apr, 24, 2017
My son is acutely psychotic after the death of his brother on 2/6/17. his brother and his ... Apr, 17, 2017
I'm new here,i've been prescribed buspirone,even though i have low blood pressure! anyone have ... Apr, 17, 2017
Been on buspar for about 30 days at 5mg three times a day. at first took it wrong was taking it ... Mar, 23, 2017
I started at 20mg of latuda once in the morning, and 10mg of buspar twice a day (30 days). i was ... Mar, 11, 2017
First day on buspar, and no thank you! my heart just started racing like crazy all of a sudden. ... Jan, 20, 2017
Having night sweats and nightmares. wake up throughout night with random pains. especially my ... Jan, 19, 2017
I just increased my buscar from 10mg to 15mg 3x a day early this morning and just now noticed ... Jan, 18, 2017
I have been taking busprione for 2 months with trintellix and have increasing ... Jan, 03, 2017
Been on 5mg buspar for 20 days. twice a day. the past several days i have been getting very ... Dec, 17, 2016
Hi, i've been on a low dose of the generic form of lamictal 25mg for almost 2 weeks now due to ... Dec, 11, 2016
40 yr old low functioning autistic,on dilation for seizures,150 a day of seroquel,just added ... Dec, 03, 2016
I have severe bone loss from several medications that are leaching my body of calcium! broke my ... Sep, 23, 2016
Hi i'm kevin i have gad and am vitamin d deficient i have been taking drisdol and buscar for ... Sep, 09, 2016
I have experience the syndrome and again was prescribed a pill that has serotonin and fell into ... Aug, 26, 2016
Hello, i've been on buspar for about 5 months now and i've had insomnia since. last night my ... Aug, 24, 2016
Hello. my name is j. i have had a uti for well over a month and three different anti-biotics. ... Aug, 22, 2016
My daughter was diagnosed with rett syndrome last december (4 years). we have just been ... Aug, 11, 2016
Been on buspar for about 3 weeks. having difficulty coming up with words that i've commonly ... Jul, 06, 2016
Hello. i have been on tamoxifen for 2 years and my doctor wants to prescribe buspar for ... Jun, 23, 2016
Hello, my name is dina and i have been diagnosed with blood pressure and anxiety.. i was ... Jun, 06, 2016
Hello, i just started taking buspar 5mg 12 days ago for gad and really see no benefits but ... Mar, 10, 2016
My mother in law has just started taking buspar for mild anxiety. she is 81. immediately, she ... Mar, 02, 2016
Hi, i take buspirone and have a toothache, bottom right teeth. i also had taken lexapro and the ... Feb, 13, 2016
I have been put on buspar for panic attacks & am also on metoprolol for premature atrial ... Dec, 28, 2015
Ra since 1980 ;neuropathy since 1992; diagnosis of hereditary sensory and autonomic ... Sep, 08, 2015
Been taking buster for seven months. i increased from 2 tablets a day to 4 and have been ... Aug, 10, 2015
Why am i gaining weight while taking this drug. i always watch my weight and now i have anxiety ... Aug, 07, 2015
Hi was wondering if anyone else on here experienced neck pain taking buspar alone. don't want to ... Aug, 05, 2015
Hi i have noticed weight gain and cravings for carbs in the last month since i have started on ... Aug, 01, 2015
Just started taking buspar a month ago and find myself with back pain. looking to see how ... Jul, 13, 2015
My cholesterol skyrocketed to 290 in 4 months, the only new med i have tried is buspar which is ... Jul, 08, 2015
I was prescibed buspar four weeks ago because i have been having severe panic attacks and ... May, 26, 2015
Type one diabetic for 21 yrs, dxd at age 17, taking buspar and wellbutrin, having high blood ... May, 15, 2015
Hello! i started buspar about a month ago and just recently within the week started itching like ... May, 15, 2015
Hi, i am a sixty eight ur old female with essential tremor/spasmotic dysphonia. started taking ... Apr, 22, 2015
I am 34 weeks pregnant and my baby is running small to dates i took buspar not too recently and ... Mar, 11, 2015
Why does buspar give me chest pain? can someone explain what exactly is causing it? and is it ... Feb, 22, 2015
Hi! first timer. just wondered how others experiences are taking these meds together. any input ... Feb, 21, 2015
I started to take buspar on 1/15/15 - it is now 2/4/15 and the back pain started over a week ... Feb, 04, 2015

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