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I was on celebrex 400mg/day for 23 years. i've been off for 8 -9 months. i now have a periodic ... Jun, 06, 2017
Celebrex causes me strong acid reflux and i wonder if i can take ranitidine with it to stop the ... Jun, 04, 2017
I am new to the group. my last blood work showed my electrolytes were 180 and should have been ... Apr, 30, 2017
I was on celebrex for 15 years for fibromyalgia and as a result i have now got osteoarthritis in ... Apr, 06, 2017
In 2000 i was on celebrex for a few months and then was diagnosed witt severe aplastic aneamia. ... Feb, 01, 2017
Took celebrex and vioxx followed accident. two surgeries, neck f u soon and lumpectomy. voice ... Sep, 08, 2016
Was given celebrex and voice for injuries. stopped violence. after several doses resulting in ... Sep, 08, 2016
75 yo female, post cerebellar stroke one yr, ago. restarted c. i week ago. i am concerned ... Aug, 12, 2016
Hello, i seem to have reoccurring shingles more frequently while on celebrex. i do not know if ... Jul, 21, 2016
Hi! i have been taking celebrex 400 mg for almost 25 years now. i definitely suffer from ... Jul, 01, 2016
I am a 62yo male and was diagnosed with pn ~ 18 years ago after taking celebrex for fibromyalgia ... Jun, 12, 2016
Just started taking celebrex. i had lymphoma, my last chemo was 3 months ago.. arthritis seems ... Jun, 10, 2016
I have arthritis in my knee, neck, back and shoulder. i have already had both hips replaced. ... May, 16, 2016
Panicking over losing so much hair. i figured out on my own that it was the celebrex causing it. ... May, 06, 2016
Hello, i have been on generic celebrex for 6 months and have noticed that i cannot kick this ... Apr, 18, 2016
Has anyone here experienced auditory musical hallucination that may be attributable to the use ... Apr, 11, 2016
My doctor has prescribed celebrex to treat the excessive joint pain i have in all my major (and ... Mar, 29, 2016
Hello. i am a 49-yr old female, and my dr. prescribed this to me as an anti-inflammatory for ... Feb, 11, 2016
Taking celebrex in the morning - later in the day i find it very difficult to catch my breathe - ... Jan, 30, 2016
Just recently diagnosed with heart failure. i have been on 200 mg. of celebrex since 2001. i ... Jan, 26, 2016
Have been taking celebrex for six years, no blood test taken during that time, sudden onset of ... Jan, 16, 2016
I was scheduled for lower lumber surgery and fusion in january 2016 as i was in a lot of pain, ... Jan, 11, 2016
Wow..... i have been struggling with uncontrollable gambling for the past few years. i have no ... Jan, 09, 2016
My husband and i had been trying to conceive for roughly a year without success. my gp and ... Jan, 07, 2016
I've been taking losarton for a couple years but now my osteoarthritis is so bad i've decided to ... Dec, 06, 2015
Hi;i started taking celebrex less then 2 months ago while it has helped with oa it is giving me ... Nov, 26, 2015
I have suffered for 6 yrs of chronic low back pain and legs, i can barely walk, my pain is ... Nov, 21, 2015
I found this group while looking for possible side effects of celebrex which i am taking ... Nov, 17, 2015
I took celebrex in 2011 for musle and joint pain caused by overwork, and in 2012 i have osteoma ... Nov, 10, 2015
I need information could anyone please tell me the number of the lawfirm handling the suit of ... Nov, 03, 2015
I have virtually complete smell, and thus taste, loss. could this be from the celebrex and ... Oct, 18, 2015
I have been taking celebrex for many years >10. i have nearly totally lost my sense of ... Oct, 18, 2015
Hello, actually it's my mom who has been diagnosed with stage4 endometrial cancer and has ... Oct, 06, 2015
Ironically, i am getting ready for knee surgery on tuesday. i had to stop my celebrex one week ... Sep, 25, 2015
Hi i am donna, i have noticed wrinkles from taking celebrex a short time. has anyone else ... Sep, 23, 2015
I have been diagnosed with asthma and was taking celebrex for back pain. my doctor pulled me ... Sep, 21, 2015
My orthopedics doc put me on 200 mg celebrex 3 months ago for rotator cuff tendonitis in both ... Aug, 06, 2015
Hi, i am chris taking celebrex200mg taste metal and smell it on body. taking it three monrhs ... Aug, 05, 2015
I am a 65 y/0 white male family physician who had to retirei 3 years ago due to end stage chf ... Jul, 26, 2015
I quit taking celebrex 3 days ago when the fda changed the label. my arthritis symptoms have ... Jul, 12, 2015
Can't figure out why my eyes are itching so badly in june? i do get allergic response in eyes ... Jun, 27, 2015
76 year old. have macular degeneration in right eye. also take blood pressure medicine; ... Jun, 13, 2015
Hi, i am an blood thinner "lifer" who was recently put on xarelto - the doctor took me off ... May, 28, 2015
I have been taking celebrex for years for pain. i believe it causes my dry eye. was treated for ... Apr, 24, 2015
Just started taking celebrex last few wks., & i came down this past wkend w an upper respiratory ... Apr, 08, 2015
Have been taking celebrex for years for osteoarthritis. am trying to decipher why i am having ... Apr, 05, 2015

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