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I was prescribed flomax for years. i have experienced ed for years now following the use of that ... May, 29, 2017
I was prescribed climax for years. i have experienced ed for years now following the use of that ... May, 29, 2017
Hello what's the best way to deal with this sac. and is there any operations that can help with ... May, 27, 2017
I am a 64-year old male, and i have been on levothyroxine for years ( > 10), because i was ... May, 22, 2017
I take renexa and imdur along with levelthorovine and other crap.60 yrs. old. terrible e.d. any ... May, 12, 2017
54 yrs old. widowed. married 35yrs. had blood clot in lungs, put on blood thinners eliquis and ... May, 12, 2017
Increased ranexa (ranolazine) from 500 mg 2x daily to 1000 mg 2x daily 2 weeks ago. now 100% ... May, 11, 2017
Has anyone found a good alternative for rapaflo that does not adversely affect or inhibit ... May, 02, 2017
I had my third back operation and i was prescribed oxycodone/acetaminophn. a month later i had ... May, 02, 2017
I took trulicity for about 1 and 1/2 months. then got erectile disfuction. and a bad cold for a ... May, 02, 2017
From about the time i started taking melatonin every night i seem to have started to fail to ... May, 01, 2017
I'm two weeks into starting farxiga 10mg and i got the shock of my life when i couldn't get it ... Apr, 19, 2017
Hi everyone, i have been using degranol carbamazapine tablets since 1980 for epilepsy & since ... Apr, 19, 2017
I took the drug and had rash breckout on my thighs.hearing in ears was level ... Apr, 02, 2017
21 years old and have used amphetamines and opiates for 4-5 years and have been on suboxone ... Mar, 29, 2017
Does anyone know of/have tried anything that has helped reverse the sexual side effects caused ... Mar, 28, 2017
I take 50mg nortriptyline for facial nerve pain for 3 months. it causes ed for me. if i drop to ... Mar, 25, 2017
I have been on carvedilol 12.5 mg for almost six years now and i do have erectile dysfunction. ... Mar, 23, 2017
Recently diagnosed with a mast cell disorder. curious to know if this is contributing to my ... Mar, 22, 2017
Diagnosed with ra approx 2yrs ago, started humira approx 1 1/2 yrs ago and have experience ed ... Mar, 14, 2017
I have been taking remekade/ infliximab for 10years. i have also suffered from ed for ... Mar, 11, 2017
Since taking lyrica i have found that i am unable to get or maintain an erection or even ... Mar, 10, 2017
A quarter of a tablet taken daily for last 20 years for hair loss. maybe a factor with my ed. ... Mar, 09, 2017
I have been taking methotrexate for at least 12 years. i believe it has reduced my sex drive ... Mar, 09, 2017
I'm 37 years old. male and have been on flecinide acetate for about 2 years now. i have been ... Mar, 08, 2017
I'm searching for info to see if zopiclone has caused my erection issues? and if i stop taking ... Mar, 07, 2017
Hello fellow sufferers. been on landoprazole for over 5 years. impotence problems worse than ... Mar, 07, 2017
Taking ceftin 500mg bid for 4 mo get a partial erection but does not last even with manual ... Mar, 06, 2017
I am hating not being able to have an orgasm. lyrica has changed my life tremendously since ... Feb, 16, 2017
I am very depressed due to uti and ed actually i took glutamine for 20 days for my wrist ... Feb, 16, 2017
Because of my medcation and i am diabetic and a heart transplant patient, my wife refuses to be ... Feb, 15, 2017
I am seriously questioning after 8 years taking attripla why i cannot maintain a correct ... Feb, 13, 2017
I've been on zopiclone for 8 years-15mg a night just reduced to 11.25mg (prescribed) on a high ... Feb, 05, 2017
I am on jarumet and bravafen for about 6 months now 5 months before that and until now i was ... Feb, 03, 2017
Hi i've been on gabapentin >1year and have been unable to maintain an errection for more than 30 ... Jan, 30, 2017
Took q4 x 7.5 mg zoplicone over cpl days. not took erection after takin them 10 days ago. will ... Jan, 23, 2017
I am taking warfarin annd thereforehavd to be careful what supplements i also take. the ... Jan, 22, 2017
Hi everyone i am a type 2 diabetic and have experienced ed in the last 2-3 years. i started ... Jan, 21, 2017
I was poisoned by cciprofloxacin in 2015 may ,had a tendon rupture and many other side effects,i ... Jan, 19, 2017
Hello all, i need some help with problems i think might relate to lamictal. hope you guys can ... Jan, 18, 2017
I have been taking prilosec for 10 years are better. i'm 74 years old and have been having ... Jan, 14, 2017
Hello i am using janumet for almost 6 months and now i have recital problems. i am 45 years ... Jan, 09, 2017
I've been taking terazosin for several years and i am developing erectile dysfunction and now ... Dec, 30, 2016
I'm wondering if there are any other medications to replace amlodipine besylate. i want to ... Dec, 29, 2016
I am 58 and have ben using symbicort and spiriva for at least 5 years now and no longer can get ... Dec, 25, 2016
I am a 64 year old man...weight 320, ht, developed a cellulitis (severe) infection on my ... Dec, 18, 2016
I was prescribed nasonex for 3 years and i never thought it could cause me er. even my family ... Dec, 14, 2016
Just frustrated. i take xeljanz for ra (rhuematoid arthritis) and i've been experiencing ed. ... Dec, 09, 2016
Very frustrated. my wife thinks it's her problem. i know it's not, still i know she now wants to ... Dec, 09, 2016
Thanks sha, might take awhile to gather all those items to mix up and drink but i'll try... ... Oct, 27, 2016
My dad was diagnosed with pca may2013. psa 31, gs 4+5=9, t3n0m0, stage 3b he went thru rp, ... Sep, 30, 2016

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