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I had my nexaplon put in last april and was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus in october. has ... Mar, 05, 2017
I have been on implanon for the last 6 months to help me with my monthly period where i would ... Mar, 02, 2017
I was encouraged to have norplant when i was young and on government assistance back in 1991. i ... Jan, 28, 2017
I was on implanon for two years. in the last three months before removal i've had heavy periods. ... Jan, 15, 2017
I had my implanon inserted exactly 6 months ago and since about a fortnight after getting it in ... Oct, 03, 2016
I have had implanon for 8 months and its been a long journey from having menses for 2 weeks to ... Aug, 26, 2016
I've been on depo for nearly 10 yrs. i saw my pcp for paps. after 2 yrs my never came back. i ... Aug, 16, 2016
Hello, i am 18 years old and have had the implanon implant for about a month. since the ... Aug, 10, 2016
I have been on implanon for the past 18 months after i removed it i have been suffering from ... Jul, 31, 2016
I took implanon more than 02 months ago and until now, i still have menorrhagia continuously. so ... Jul, 06, 2016
Hi... i have had gential herpes for about 2 years now and i have my daughter 8 months ago... ... Jun, 13, 2016
I am on suboxone and have the nexplanon and i also have hepc i have had severe sweating during ... Jun, 06, 2016
Hi, i've been diagnosed with fibroids a few years and i'm awaiting surgery to remove them. i ... May, 27, 2016
I'm 17 and was on the depo shot since i was 14 years old and 9 months until march this year when ... May, 18, 2016
I don't understand why my voice been so horsey and i am scared and feel like i should get it ... Apr, 25, 2016
Hi, i was diagnosed with benign intercranial hypertension in 2012 after going to an eye doctor ... Jan, 26, 2016
I have also taken depo and it has been causing me to have only 2-4 periods a year and when i ... Nov, 26, 2015
I lost my sense of smell over three years ago right after i had the implanon taken out. has ... Oct, 30, 2015
39 yrs old, no family history of diabetes, overweight... 4th yr on implanon. very shocked with ... Oct, 20, 2015
My name is andrea i go by drea. i have implanon and have major depressive disorder. would like ... Oct, 10, 2015
I'm 21 years old. i'm looking for information to see if taking othro tri-cyclen lo while having ... Sep, 22, 2015
I have been on concerta for 11 years i quit taking it when i was 18 i am now 23 me and my bf ... Sep, 10, 2015
Hello, i'm an 19 years old and this is my 3 year on the nexplanon birth control, i just got it ... Aug, 29, 2015
Hi i need some ionformatio please i have burning mouth syndrome want to know if naplanon can ... Aug, 23, 2015
Hi, i'm megan, i'm 19 i first got the implanon when i was 14, changed at 16 and removed 1 year ... Aug, 05, 2015
I am concerned about my wife, she had the 'implanon' injected. now she has thyroid problems, and ... Jul, 17, 2015
Mother of 2 kids. 31 years old. i took implanon 6 months ago. i have laryngeal cleft from 4 ... Jun, 02, 2015
My daughter has been on humira approx. 2 years and seemingly overnight, discovered a mole in her ... May, 29, 2015
Hi i had myasthenia gravis as a child and was treated with pyridostigmine. i have never been ... Apr, 08, 2015
Ive had the implanon inserted since november of 2k12. here it is 2k15 and i hve to get it tooken ... Feb, 24, 2015

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