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Hi everyone. just started taking low dose lasik. i have cad. mild heart attack, 11 years ... Apr, 27, 2017
I recently started using marijuana for depression but have been taking lasik for 6 months is ... Apr, 27, 2017
Hello i have recently been placed on this medication along with laxis. i am extremely concerned ... Apr, 09, 2017
A friend has just started taking lasix to help with the swelling in her legs and other symptoms ... Mar, 06, 2017
Has anyone positively linked their use of lasix to excess sweating? i have unexplained excessive ... Feb, 27, 2017
Have shortness of breath after taking lasix for 1-1/2 months- i have stopped lasix due to 2 ... Feb, 26, 2017
My husband has the worst runny nose. it is so he can hardly eat he has to wipe so often. he ... Jan, 09, 2017
After a holiday where i was not very careful about what i ate or drank, my hydrops has come back ... Jan, 01, 2017
I am taking 160 ml, furosemide daily about 3 years. i am 77 and take 8 other drugs that i also ... Dec, 16, 2016
Hi, i'm here because of my son he is 4 years old and i'm interested in giving him alpha lipic ... Oct, 22, 2016
I've been on lasix since november 2015. i'm experiencing severe joint pain which started about 3 ... Aug, 28, 2016
Hi im only 18 and have hypertension. i started taking lasix only 3 days ago and everytime i ... Aug, 23, 2016
Hi my left breast just became very painful last week. this is awful . i have been on lasix ... Aug, 07, 2016
Hello i am 50 year old female. i have been taking lasix for 3 1/2 weeks at the same time i ... Jul, 09, 2016
I have had joint pain since taking this medication in september 2015. i was put on the ... Jun, 16, 2016
I am 58 years old who live in the caribbean. i am currently a post-graduate student who hold a ... Jun, 03, 2016
Lasix has cause my prostrate enlargement! it also causes kidney damage we need to kill this drug ... Mar, 05, 2016
I'm dottie i'm 85 years old and i have recently been diagnosed with chf. i have been on lasix ... Mar, 01, 2016
I'm 84 and my heart doctor has me taking 2 low dosage lasix in the morning and all through out ... Feb, 16, 2016
I am diagnosed nash from fatty liver. it has progressed into cirrrohsis without mention of ... Feb, 11, 2016
I have been on xarelto since oct 2015 and have put on like 20lbs.i have rheumatoid arthritis and ... Jan, 07, 2016
My kidney doctor took me off furosemide 80 mg daily on 12/3 and creatine went from 2.9 down to ... Dec, 23, 2015
Hello my doctor put me on lasix the 1st of sept. and it has not been working my feet and ankles ... Sep, 30, 2015
My mother is 79,has been diagnosed with alzheimer's. she is in a wheelchair, not able to walk. ... Aug, 05, 2015
Hi im elias and care for my dad john who is 90 years old. he is now at stage 4 for kidney ... May, 11, 2015
I need help! my husband is down to 127 pounds. the doctors refuse to believe that the lassie is ... Apr, 19, 2015
I was diagnosis with acute intermittent porphyria in february 1995. since then i have been in ... Feb, 24, 2015

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