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I have been taking metradonizole for a tooth infection which i have just had extracted. now my ... May, 28, 2017
I took this pill because of a dental problem for only 3 days. 125mg. not only did it destroy my ... Feb, 14, 2017
Just started taking cephalexin and metronidazole, prescribed to me to treat sibo and leaky gut. ... Feb, 09, 2017
I was prescribed metro pills for bv. i broke out in a bad rash all over my body a day after i ... Jan, 18, 2017 daughter was just on it for bacterial vaginitis and is having still having flank pain 10 ... Jan, 12, 2017
I am a 51 year old female who was due to go into hospital for a d'n'c due to extreme pelvic ... Nov, 21, 2016
Hi, was curious about flagyl and side effects from anyone that used it. iron over load, ... Oct, 15, 2016
Hi. i started metronidazole 400mg 3x a day, 2 days ago. i am experiencing frequent urination as ... Sep, 03, 2016
I just finished my 7 day dose of flagyl for bv and started light bleeding 2 weeks before my ... Aug, 30, 2016
Your website states that metronidazole does not increase levels of histamine. this is ... Aug, 16, 2016
Hi am 34 yrs old. i recently had a c section with my 2nd baby. however i was re-admitted to ... Jul, 26, 2016
Hi, i'm so glad i found this group online. this actually happened to me almost 5 yrs ago, and i ... Jul, 10, 2016
Am yehula demis and student of jimma university by profession of bsc clinical nursing from ... May, 28, 2016
Hi had metronidazole twice within a few weeks for gum disease and have developed bms. would be ... Apr, 21, 2016
Have had bowell problems since accident and cannot get rid o c dif diahrea and constipation ... Apr, 15, 2016
Hello, a year and a half i took generic antibiotics for sinus infections (20 days with ... Apr, 11, 2016
I am feeling pain in left side of my face in the upper and lower tooth region and near ear from ... Apr, 07, 2016
I took only 2 tablets of metronidazole, i had a violent reaction to them, which left me with ... Feb, 15, 2016
Had some pelvic pain but since taking this medication it has enhanced itself quite a bit and is ... Jan, 26, 2016
I took the flagyl for diverticulitis and now i have this burning tongue no one seems to know ... Sep, 25, 2015
I took metronidazole for only 4 days, and felt increased pressure in my head and neck during ... Aug, 27, 2015
I'm taking flagyl for the third time in my life--but i have had hyperacusis for as long as i can ... Aug, 16, 2015
Started on this beta blocker and my appetite went to 10. stopped immed and not hungry now. i ... Jun, 16, 2015
I've been on the implant for 8 months now however after recently taking a 7 day course of ... Jun, 08, 2015
Hi, i take prozac 20mg 1x daily. i have diverticulitis was given flagyl. having chills, ... Apr, 25, 2015
Hello everyone. i was recently hospitalized and was dx with sepsis caused by e.coli. i was ... Mar, 01, 2015

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