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Ive been taking ramipril with amlodipine for about 4 months and i have swollen gums and a loose ... May, 28, 2017
I want to ask what are the side effect of remipril, cloppitaba-75 and revotril 0.5. is there ... May, 27, 2017
Should there be a time interval between taking the two medicines to avoid lowered blood pressure ... May, 23, 2017
Just come off bisaprolol after 9 years and now on ramipril for two days. blood pressure now ... May, 18, 2017
Hi has anyone been suffering from depression and anxiety and memory problems since taking this ... May, 08, 2017
I have gained one stone and cannot lose it while on ramipril and bisoporol . i have never ... May, 01, 2017
I have right sided rotator cuff problems and am on ramapril. is there a connection between the ... Apr, 26, 2017
Been on ramapril now 5mg for a week and notice i'm getting heart palpitations i suffer with ... Apr, 25, 2017
I have been in ramipril for about 8 years now. developed tinnitus about 6 years ago but only ... Apr, 24, 2017
I take 7.5 of ramipril and have tingling down my shins and a also a bit in arms. should i still ... Apr, 22, 2017
I'm very concerned i've been told today that i have a cataract, i'm in my early 50s, i first had ... Apr, 13, 2017
I was put on ramipril to lower my bp before my carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve compression ... Apr, 10, 2017
I have been taking first lisinopril and then ramipril for past seven years. i have experienced ... Mar, 27, 2017
I have been on restasis for one year. at my last appointment the doctor said my previously slow ... Mar, 01, 2017
I have just been put on 5mg ramipril but also on 1,200 mg of oxcarbamazaphine has anyone any ... Feb, 22, 2017
I started taking 2.5 mg ramipril for elevated bp last october and noticed a high pitched ringing ... Feb, 16, 2017
I'm 48 and need lense replacement in right eye. topamax for a little under a year. how many ... Feb, 05, 2017
I was taking losartan, and have had hair loss for high blood pressure. my doctor has just ... Jan, 20, 2017
Have tinging in shins, i thought it was the statins so came off it for two weeks but it made no ... Dec, 18, 2016
I had a urolift procedure done to help with bph. the procedure was successful until my urologist ... Nov, 27, 2016
Started topirimate in feb 2016, in july 2016 vision so blurred thought i was going blind. ... Sep, 18, 2016
I noticed blurred vision especially when watching tv or reading shortly after starting ... Aug, 30, 2016
Type 2 diabetes. on lipitor and ramapril. itching since may. bloods ok. feels like someone is ... Aug, 26, 2016
I have cauda equina and had a severe reaction this last weekend - huge swollen tongue and throat ... Aug, 24, 2016
I am on ramipril for more than 10 years.have skin lesion around ankle joint- biopsy showed ... Aug, 21, 2016
I have had varicose veins since i was 22 and believe my father may have passed the gene for this ... Aug, 21, 2016
I suspected this drug caused osteoarthritis. the doctors said no... i am a 56 year old women ... Aug, 10, 2016
Taking ramipril enlarged prostate bleeding when bicycle riding. checked out in depth by ... Aug, 06, 2016
I have a rare autoimmune pyoderma gangrenosum and started doing remicade 2 months ago. i had the ... Aug, 02, 2016
I have been taking loram 5 (losartan potassium + ramipril) for my bp since 18 years. gums get ... Jul, 24, 2016
Hi i am maddy and i am currently having tests for lupus. i was an incredibly fit person up to ... Jul, 23, 2016
I am on four-week break from herceptin because my last muga scan showed a decreased ejection ... Jul, 17, 2016
Good afternoon, i have just been told i have cataracts - do you know of an alternative to ... Jul, 12, 2016
Lost half a stone on ramipril. at first it stopped me losing weight and i experienced terrible ... Jul, 09, 2016
I have been on letrozole 30 months half way through t ofind out i have cataracts in both eyes ... Jul, 04, 2016
Hi everyone. my name is torie. i have been on crestor for about 5 yrs. or more just started new ... Jun, 29, 2016
Pharmacy inadvertently changed my medicine from lisiniprol to ramopril recently and i have had ... Jun, 28, 2016
I have been taking 5mg ramipril for about 5 years and in the last 2years i have noticed a ... Jun, 28, 2016
Hello there! i thought my chronic joint pain was yet another symptom of the menopause. but ... Jun, 17, 2016
I have been troubled with increasing tingling of the toes which is spreading up to my ankles ... May, 31, 2016
My sudden hearing loss, total in left ear came on within a few seconds whilst at home, a couple ... May, 26, 2016
Good morning...i have just been put on ramipril for blood pressure and i wonder is it ok to take ... May, 26, 2016
My name is linda.i have been taking dilantin since i was 12; i'm 54 now.i just found out i have ... May, 20, 2016
About a year ago, i really noticed that my vision became blurry and my eye sight became a ... Apr, 19, 2016
I have been on ramipril for 2 months and have lost about half a stone. does anyone else share ... Apr, 09, 2016
Hello and am glad i found site. after 1.5 years of taking ramipril and i made the decision to ... Mar, 30, 2016
Hi-i've had a stent .tae ramipril5mg,stent 10mg and bendrofluromethizde 10mg. i take 100 mg ... Mar, 28, 2016
Hi everyone. i've been off ramipril 2.5mg for 5 days now and fill spaced out and tired but not ... Mar, 27, 2016
I have ocular myasthenia and have developed high blood pressure so am being prescribed ramipril ... Mar, 17, 2016
I have been takung ramipril for around 6 months now and have developed a really itchy rash ... Mar, 14, 2016
I have been taking ramipril for around 8 years now and have now developed ed,is there a link or ... Mar, 14, 2016
I have been on ramapril now for approx 5yrs and as of today have now had 3 tendon ruptures. both ... Feb, 29, 2016
Hi there, i take ramipril for hypertensive disease stage 2, i have facial neuralgia which is ... Feb, 24, 2016
I have been taking atarax for over 20 years and now i have a cataract in my left eye i am 50 and ... Feb, 19, 2016
Hello, i have been operated back in the year 2000 of glaucoma caused by sarcoidosis, i was ... Feb, 12, 2016
I have been taking ramipiprip for 2 years now and recently am suffering from moderate anxiety ... Feb, 05, 2016
Hi. i am taking bisoprolol and ramipril. i have been taking amitriptyline for over 25 years and ... Jan, 28, 2016
Hello, i've been taking tegretol 400mg for 26 years now. had cataract surgery 4 years ago at age ... Dec, 17, 2015
I have been on pristiq for 4 years and over the last year my right eye has gone from better ... Dec, 08, 2015
Taking ramipril 2.5 mg....does anyone have delayed ejaculation with this medication??? just a ... Nov, 29, 2015
I had been taking ramipril for a few years when systemic al amyloidosis symptoms manifested ... Nov, 12, 2015
I had a mild case of raynaud prior to taking ramipril. i have taken this drug for over a year ... Nov, 07, 2015
I had a mild case of raynaud prior to taking ramipril. i have taken this drug for over a year ... Nov, 07, 2015
I took benadryl for years on and off for bad allergies .never have had eye problems. at 39 yrs ... Nov, 03, 2015
Hi i'm lisa, 43 been on ramipril for over 2 months i keep getting pain my right breast, shoulder ... Oct, 30, 2015
I was prescribed ramapril after a heart murmur was discovered. almost a year to the day after ... Oct, 18, 2015
My son got a sudden cataract a week after taking cyclosporine. three doses @ 2.5 then a reaction ... Oct, 15, 2015
I'm 53 years old and have had ra since i was 17. i've been on methotrexate since 1982. i was ... Oct, 09, 2015
Hello my name is ryan , i had cataracts at age 37 as well as cataract surgery ...was on ... Aug, 25, 2015
I am interested to know others experiecnces with lialda treatment and side effects. i am ... Aug, 11, 2015
Got a very bad reaction to levaquin when i had a sinus infection. one of the symptoms i noticed ... Jul, 31, 2015
I saw eye dr. 4 days ago, was told i have bilateral cataracts. i was diagnosed with stage 3 ... Jul, 02, 2015
Hello, i've been on omeprazole for over six months and have just been diagnosed with bilateral ... May, 07, 2015
Hi i am andy and have type 2 one slow release metformin and have now developed cataracts which ... Apr, 14, 2015

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