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I have been taking 900mg of gabapentin every evening to relieve the severe burning in the soles ... May, 12, 2017
I was placed on amlodipine bestlate 5 mg. only took for two days started feeling very weak, ... May, 09, 2017
I have chronic diarrhea, my dr gave me a script for contrave i took one this morning and have ... Apr, 29, 2017
My husband has parkinson and has been in the hospital recovering from double pneumonia. this has ... Apr, 27, 2017
My dad has been taking rituxan for 4 months. has had severe diarrhea and lost over 70 pounds. ... Apr, 23, 2017
Been on crestor (rosuvastatin) for 10+ years. when it became available as a generic, my ... Apr, 23, 2017
Was on humolog before taking novolog. diarrhea started 2 years ago. diarrhea can last for ... Apr, 21, 2017
Was on humolog before novolog. diarrhea started 2 years ago. doesn't happen all the time, but ... Apr, 21, 2017
Sertraline is making my life a misery i already have ibs c in some ways the diarrohea is a ... Apr, 19, 2017
I go to the bathroom at least 8 times in the morning/afternoon before i feel completely empty. ... Apr, 12, 2017
Hi any advice you can give me would be great. i get so tired and weak. having copd is hard ... Apr, 09, 2017
I have had loose stools for over a week now and severe stomach cramping i don,t have any other ... Apr, 08, 2017
Hi im on amoldipine 10 mg and ramipril 10mg for high blood pressure been onn these since jan but ... Apr, 07, 2017
I am on metformin for weight loss. my doctor believes i am insulin resistance. have ... Apr, 06, 2017
After i had been taking lansoprazole for 4 months, i began to have the most awful diarrhoea and ... Apr, 05, 2017
I just started taking lantus,i think it may be giving me,i'm looking to see if ... Apr, 03, 2017
I have had 3 recent surgeries for bowel obstructions. i started taking garcicia 6 weeks ago. ... Mar, 27, 2017
I've just been diagnosed with uc. i'm 67 years old and had ibs most of my life. i had a sudden ... Mar, 19, 2017
5 weeks in and suffering with bowel issues. plus feeling ill will it improve - can you take ... Mar, 15, 2017
Hi. have tried to take fosamax since august. i have osteoporosis. ( was on it a few years ago ... Mar, 12, 2017
I just started taking clonazepam for 6 days 3 days ago i started getting diarrhea i talk to my ... Mar, 11, 2017
Does anyone have a good treatment for loose stools/diarrhea from taking synthroid? my dr. told ... Mar, 05, 2017
I have been experiencing diarrhea while taking glimepiride after a month and a half. i was on ... Mar, 02, 2017
Hello group! this is the first time i have joined an online group. i have been experiencing ... Feb, 26, 2017
Having severe diarreah after neupogen shots following 1 day a week carboplatin/taxol ... Feb, 25, 2017
Trying to determine if a very severe episode of diarrhea was due to phytosterols i had taken a ... Feb, 23, 2017
Have episodes of extreme diarrhea nausea and afib. it unclear to me which causes which. just ... Feb, 15, 2017
I started generic fortesta 3 days ago. six pumps per day. i've used androgel for 3 years. since ... Feb, 11, 2017
15 mg of edible marijuana has helped me sleep and my restless leg pain at night is gone. ... Feb, 05, 2017
Help. i have ulcerative colitis and have been treated for more than 3 years. mostly with ... Jan, 24, 2017
Hi just want to know if my thyroxine dose is too high my tsh is 1.5 and i cant sleep and have ... Jan, 10, 2017
Hi, i'm shirley just recently started taking carduus drops. i am experiencing severe ... Oct, 17, 2016
Hello im a 59 years old female with episodes of hypertension. i take lisinopril 2.5 when needed ... Sep, 25, 2016
I was on remoron 15 mg for 3 months. it was increased to 30mg last week and i am wondering if ... Aug, 28, 2016
Have only taken symvastatin since mid july and it took me few weeks to question the loose ... Aug, 24, 2016
I am taking sertraline and have been for 2 yeats but want to try using xenical / orlistat to try ... Aug, 23, 2016
I have had to take an imodium every day, starting with day 3. i hope it levels out soon, can't ... Aug, 20, 2016
Hello all, i am post liver transplant and re-routed bile ducts. i have been having problems with ... Aug, 19, 2016
I tried the three day test packet of thrive and each day i had a bad case of diarrhea. my ... Aug, 18, 2016
Hi all i am a rheumatology nurse what has helped you manage the diarrhea? i would like to pass ... Aug, 11, 2016
I've had cranial surgery and my doctor has prescribed aleve to relieve my headaches. it works ... Aug, 11, 2016
Hi,iam a 68 yr old woman had ra for over 20yrs on cimzia for 5yrs.have had diarrhoea for the ... Aug, 09, 2016
I have take arimidex for 2 1/2 months. i have diarrhea every day. i also have a history of ... Aug, 09, 2016
My name is carol. im a diabetic and started on byetta 2 months ago. 1st month 5mcg and this ... Aug, 06, 2016
Hi i have a 4year old son with celebral palsy who has never had a solid stool. could do with ... Jul, 31, 2016
Plavix after tavr surgery three days after and since (now almost 2 months) bad diarrhea . ... Jul, 29, 2016
I had a heart attack 8 weeks ago and 2 stents in right heart and placed on effient and 81 ... Jul, 23, 2016
Been on prilosec for years and i feel i can't function without it, but it has caused me to have ... Jul, 22, 2016
66 year old male, type ii for 30 years. dying from combo of glimepiride and metformin. ... Jul, 21, 2016
Have been taking inderal more frequently and diarrhea is now a problem. how long does this drug ... Jul, 17, 2016
First off id like to say hell is there anything i can do to help with these servere bouts of ... Jul, 12, 2016
Hi..does anyone here know what is the cheapest yet effective oral glutathione that can be taken ... Jun, 30, 2016
I am 61 years old and have a history of diverticulitis. i started taking xenical and have been ... Mar, 26, 2016
Hiq i'm 48 years old and planning to take xenecal to address obesity. but i am hypertensive and ... Jan, 10, 2016
I have been taking alli for several years, and about 6 months ago i noticed a definite shortness ... Sep, 10, 2015
I have gone through menopause, started taking xenical 2 months ag and have had vaginal bleeding ... Aug, 16, 2015
Hi, i am marah, 37 and taking xenical for 2-3 months. i receive the analysis from my doctor ... Mar, 08, 2015

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